Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NAACP's Feeble and Cowardly Attack on Tea Party

NAACP: Resolution to Condemn Tea Party as Racist

In a further sign that the NAACP has become irrelevant serving as little more as another left-wing hate group akin to MoveOn.org, the NAACP National Convention is poised to pass a resolution to condemn the Tea Party after a keynote address from the First-Lady-Would-Be-Queen, Michelle Obama. The highlight stance of the resolution would be to “repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties” and their allege attempts to “push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”

Their resolution lacks substantiation other than constant reference to an episode in March, never proven or documented, never caught on film, where Tea Party members were alleged to have shouted racial slurs at black lawmakers as they filed into the Capitol to vote on the nationalization of American healthcare.

While it surely is possible in a movement as large as the Tea Party, there could be some kooks and haters in their midst, it’s just as likely that left wing activists, notorious for their dirty tricks, could have well sent their own operatives to bloody the Tea Party’s reputation by having their agents do the dirty work. Left wing activists’ websites have gone so far as to attempt to recruit and insight volunteers to show up specifically to create trouble at Tea Party events.

One wonders how the NAACP would react if the tables were turned on them.

With virtually all political hurdles for a color blind society have been eliminated and African American citizens are showing up in increasing numbers in leadership in American society, just what is the NAACP fighting for these days?

The truth is whatever the radical left of the Democratic Party is advancing and little more. This is a shame because there are some terrible problems that disadvantaged black communities still face, but on those issues, the NAACP seems interested in doing little other than assigning blame in a hit and run fashion.

What constructive action will this year’s NAACP do about the institutional racism in public schools where black male students constantly fall behind all other demographic measurements? How is the organization addressing urban violence and murder other than supporting gun laws which would only serve to disarm law abiding citizens not the thugs who buy them on the black market? What is the NAACP doing about speaking out against drug abuse and drug gangs? When has the NAACP ever addressed teen pregnancy or the breakup of the black family unit?

Taking positive steps to address the real issues that are hurting the poor black communities seem to fall to the wayside in favor of uniting with organized labor and the radical left seeking a more dominant role for government.

It’s almost laughable to write this, but the very posting of this blog would immediately identify this writer as a “racist” for daring to set his sites on the NAACP. It’s a convenient tool they use with such frequency; to disagree with any black advocacy group on any grounds can only be motivated by racism.

Nothing could be further from the truth. To see how quickly Jesse Jackson attempted to make the Cleveland Cavalier’s owner’s bombastic comments about LeBrun James departure as a matter of race as if they slave master were upset about one of his “boys” getting away shows just how desperate the race hucksters have become. Jesse Jackson is irrelevant and needed a big news story to manipulate to get part of the spot light on his waning cause.

There is an upcoming conflict that we would expect the NAACP to weigh in on, that if handled correctly, could put them in the driver’s seat on the right side of the road. If that situation materializes, we’ll let our readers know – the issue involves Glenn Beck, the Lincoln Memorial, and Martin Luther King. Is that association enough to make any rational person nervous?

More later…

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