Sunday, July 25, 2010

100 Days -- America's Future at Stake

100 days from now will be the first Tuesday of November, election day. Most Americans will stay home.  For those who disapprove of the direction America is heading, this is unacceptable. Never in our nation's history has the nation had a more dangerous administration in power in the White House. While we cannot punish the wicked, corrupt, divisive, socialist adminstration of Barack Obama itself, we can render them helpless by ousting their enablers in the House and Senate. Every American who stands against higher taxes, growing government, a decline of individual liberties, government taking over the economy through taking over businesses or taxing and regulating them to death, and turning loose such vile forces of hatred, racism, and division must work to reverse the Democratic party's hold on the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Make no mistake about it, when a person votes for a senator or congressman, that is not so much a vote for the person's name on the ballot, it is a vote on whether those institutions will continue to be run by the corrupt and hateful demogogues, Nancy Pelosi, one of the most disgusting excuses for an elected official in the nation's history, and Harry Reid who if all goes right will not even retain his Senate seat, but be assured the Democratic party and its enablers will run one of the dirtiest, most dishonest campaigns in the history of American elections in Nevada to keep him in office.

Do not let cynics and doomsayers distort the picture.  People like Glenn Beck couldn't be more wrong when they attempt to say the Republicans and Democrats are pretty much the same. Republicans would not take over the nation's medical system. Republicans would not appoint Supreme Court justices who have little regard for the structure of the Constitution and she the courts as an agent of social change. Republicans would not give organized labor a blank check to get whatever it wants. Republicans would not raise taxes through ridiculous environmental policies like "cap and trade." Republicans would continue a "war on terror," a term the Obama administration can bring itself to say. Republicans would not suck up to radical Islam.

Republicans do need to work on being more aggressive on securing the border and realistic about immigration policy. They do have some work to do to make a broader cross-section of the population recognize that they are the party that has thier interests at heart.

Voters must realize that voting isn't always as much voting for someone as it is voting against a candidate who is hurting our country.  Elect Democratic officials and the body count adds up to keeping Pelosi and Reid in power and thus Barack Obama can continue to systematically destroy our sacred institutions as he "transforms" (as in radicalizes) America.

This is no time to rest.  What we do as voters in the next three elections will be profoundly important. Will we vote to keep the United States the preeminent society in the world or become a huge bureaucratic mess with what would appear to be a government more left wing and corrupt than the European socialists. What could symbolize this better than the Obama administration's decision to abandon manned space flight?  Don't think the ripples of that insane decision won't have serious consequences on many levels.

In the next 100 days, each one of us must support our friends and neighbors raising the issues and encouraging them to join in the effort to preserve the kind of America we are proud of. The Obama administration must be destroyed.  This is more than winning an election. It is destroying a wicked and corrupt enemy.  The enemy with in can be more dangerous than the external threat. The war is on.

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