Friday, July 30, 2010

A Bad Week for Straightening Out Illegal Immigration

With the Obama administration winning its initial court injunction against the people of Arizona in their attempts to deal with illegal aliens engaged in potential criminal activity to the barrage of over the top demogoguery and dishonest rhetoric directed against responsible efforts to control or report the problem, the last week of July, 2010 has been a difficult setback for those who support the rule of law. The American people have made clear where they stand.


This writer is sick and tired of the insanity surrounding illegal aliens in our country. The truth of the matter is tens of thousands of illegal aliens come into America from Mexico every year. Many come in search of jobs. Others are engaged in drug and human smuggling or to set up running guns and resources back to Mexico.

While there are illegal immigrants from elsewhere in the world, none reach the kind of numbers to cause any considerable trouble in this country unless they are here as part of a terrorist organization almost all of which are from radical Islam.

The bottom line is these people who come here not following American immigration law are here illegally. They do not belong here. Desiring the borders be enforced is not “persecution” as many “immigration advocates,” members of the media, and factions in the Democratic Party would suggest. It is not racist to seek action be taken to enforce the law. The illegal aliens are so overwhelming Mexican and the potential terrorists are radical Islamic followers. IT IS NOT RACIST to demand the law is enforced. It surely is possible for responsible law enforcement officers to determine illegal aliens from legitimate Hispanic citizens and visitors. If the United States had a similar problem with Anglo-Canadians or French-Canadians, it would be the same situation. The bottom line is there is almost no illegal entry into the United States from Canada.

This writer strongly supports legal immigration. Our country will continue to grow as people from around the world come to America to join our workforce and make us stronger. Sadly, the current process is cumbersome and lengthy even for those like Filipinos, Africans, and Koreans who seek to come to America to join professions urgently in need of staffing who face long miserable waits to get their entry documents to come here the way they are supposed to.

How many legitimate job seekers are displaced because the positions they would seek are filled with illegal workers? How many of those illegal workers are not being paid legal wages?

It is disgusting to hear illegal aliens’ advocates talk of those law breakers being persecuted. If they are in the United States illegally, they are subject to arrest and legal remedy at any time. To say their civil rights are being violated overlooks a crucial matter of law. Most legal rights are afforded to U.S. citizens.

How frequently is a sickly kind of Orwellian “new speak” used to try to warp public perception of illegal aliens in our country?

The politically correct morons, the folks who’d fall in line with the ACLU, attempt to call legitimate language racist while making up terms like “undocumented workers or residents” to identify people who are breaking the law. There’s a great observation that’s been floating around lately which says, “Calling illegal aliens undocumented workers is the same as calling drug pushers unlicensed pharmacists.” Oh, imagine how the progressive elite chattering class would deal with that observation.

Once again, we expect our politicians to take responsibility and do what they are elected to do. What a slap in the face it is to the people of Arizona for the Federal Government to so miserably fail at protecting their border then take them to court for passing a law that helps the state fill the gap. If all current laws had been routinely enforced, we would not have an immigration problem. The failure is the result of narrow minded self-serving politics – Democrats who see the illegal population as part of a future voting block, and Republicans and some Democrats who don’t want to force employers not to hire illegal workers.

Once again, the priorities are obvious.

1- First, the Federal government must enforce the border. If it requires military action using the National Guard to actively provide front line enforcement, all efforts must be used.

2- Severe and immediate penalties must be imposed on companies that hire illegal workers.

3- Any state or municipality creating sanctuary environments must be prosecuted. No benefits such as in state tuition discounts will be permitted for illegal aliens.

4- A full accounting of all illegal immigrants must be undertaken to indentify and assess all people who are living in the United States illegally. Fair standards for those who have worked here, obeyed the law, and contributed to their community will be provided a means to become “normalized” that does not put those who are seeking entry legally. Those who do not meet the criteria will be returned to their country of origin if appropriate or imprisoned if they have been proven to have committed felonious crimes.

5- The Civil Rights Commission and other appropriate agencies will conduct routine investigations to make sure citizens and those in the country legally are not being harassed or treated unfairly. Those responsible for violating those persons’ rights will be prosecuted.

6- Marijuana must be legalized. The dangers of prohibition far exceed the benefits. Doing so will  eliminate the largest volume illegal commodity from being a contributory issue on the borders creating crime and illegal entry. Laws regarding the sale and taxation of marijuana must be enacted.

7- Responsible international policies must be established working with Mexico so it can develop its economy, defeat the criminal gangs that threaten its residents, and creates mutually beneficial economic relations through fully utilizing the NAFTA treaty.

The foolishness has gone on far too long. The time for action is long overdue.

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