Monday, July 26, 2010

Tony Hayward: So Long Chump!

BP CEO, Tony Hayward is expected to leave office perhaps later today. Few have represented their interests more arrogantly and poorly than the disgraced oil exec. Well, he can get his life back now and will surely be served a fine parachute. His life will be lush and cozy while the suffering will continue along the Gulf of Mexico for years to come.

The buck stops at the top is simply reality; however, there is no doubt a corporate culture that runs much deeper. As if the Gulf platform catastrophe was not bad enough, now there are strong indications BP pulled strings with the Scotish government to get a convicted terrorist, the mastermind behind the Locherbie airline explosion in 1989, released to Libya so BP could get a favorable oil deal with that radical Islamic nation. BP got the deal. The prisoner was released. The governments of Great Britain and Scotland have some serious investigations ahead and more figures may be in deep trouble.

The firing of a corporate weasel is but a small burnt offering in the big scheme of things. BP is a disgraced company that must rebuild from the bottom up to become an ethical, proper company. Sadly, thousands of good people work for BP. Private gas station owners, for instance, are caught in the crossfire. BP must pay its price for everything they damaged. However, we must put this scandal in context. No matter what, there will be hell to pay.

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