Saturday, July 10, 2010

Barack Obama: How Race and Other Issues Reveal Why His Efforts Must Fail

July is usually a quiet time for national news but a week after the nation celebrated the 234th anniversary of its independence, at what time in our history has our nation been threatened and the promises of the Declaration of Independence put in such peril than under the corrupt, incompetent, and radically doctrinaire conduct of the Obama administration supported by the reckless and crassly self-serving political conduct of the Senate under Harry Reid’s leadership and the House led by speaker Nancy Pelosi?

The essential promises of limited government and self determination, the pursuit of certain inalienable rights, are systematically being corrupted, denied, destroyed and turned inside out by a President who is completely disconnected with what being American is all about spending much of his formative years overseas only to ally himself with the most radical elements of academia before plunging into the wicked and corrupt world of Chicago machine politics. Whether by upbringing, intent, or calculation, Barack Obama is an anti-American extremist set on destroying the people and institutions that maintain our unique and free standard of living.

Piece together the puzzle and it would be reasonable to conclude the Barack Obama and his administration, particularly Attorney General, Eric Holder, have an implicit anti-white particularly white male agenda where white men, and to a lesser extent white women, who do not belong to a labor union are either neglected or exploited for their ability to pay for his extravagant spending programs if their means can be sucked into some “tax the rich” or stick it to private enterprise scheme.

Here are the pieces to the puzzle we’ve seen recently. First, the extent to which the Administration has attempted to demonize and exploit Arizona’s efforts to deal with the upheaval illegal aliens have created throughout the state rendering parts of the state virtually uninhabitable. When Arizona first attempted to pass legislation to coordinate its efforts to deal with illegal aliens coordinated with Federal law, the administration was quick to scream, racism while on the Sunday morning news program schedule, it became clear the Obama officials had not read the legislation and truly had no idea what it contained. This week, the Obama administration filed an injunction to overturn the state’s law in Federal Court.

The administration chose not to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party engaged in voter intimidation at polls in Philadelphia during the last Presidential election. Party members in uniform brandished weapons and shouted taunts at voters entering the polling place. Meanwhile, ACORN had been involved in registering numerous illegal voters who the Panthers essentially provided cover for through their tactics. J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department prosecutor provided shocking testimony of how his office had the case wrapped up against the Panthers to where all was left for the judge to issue sanctions at which point the Obama administration pulled the plug. In the course of these revelations, the implication was clear – to the radical Obama regime, voter intimidation is defined as white against minority behavior. How convenient is it that the behavior of the black-supremacist New Black Panthers forwards the Obama agenda?

Written into the financial “reform” legislation the Administration and Capitol Hill leadership has rushed through includes policy receiving almost no press coverage creating diversity czars, an Office of Minority and Women Inclusion in all levels of Federal finance agencies including the Federal Reserve in an attempt to radically politicize these departments using the race card to forge their anti-white, anti-free enterprise agenda. This issue was largely revealed by a Wall Street Journal Editorial. In an arena where the absolute best, most competent, non-agenda driven, unbiased professionals are needed, once again, Obama’s forces are attempting to transform the status quo and reward their adherents.

In a queer sort of way, the announcement that making Islam feels good about itself for its historic role in math and science as the highest priority at NASA rather than any technological or mission-stated accomplishments plays right into the racial tactics of the administration as well. Is there any reason NASA needs specifically to reach out to the world of Islam to be successful. Surely, cancelling the mission designed to replace the Space Shuttle program which will end the United States’ ability to put manpower into low earth orbit after the next two Space Shuttle flights have concluded moves our nation from the leader in space exploration to largely that of a spectator.

Can it be any clearer in the second year of the radical Obama administration that the idealistic talk of movement toward a “post racial” society and that Obama himself was the embodiment of the end of racial division in our society was nothing more than an agenda driven smokescreen?

Strip away rhetoric to the contrary. Look at the behavior and the results, how could a President be any more divisive than what Barrack Obama’s efforts have proven to be? Whether it is his cynical, calculated efforts refusing to effectively enforce immigration law while demonizing Arizona a anti-Latino racists, the constant refrain attacking various professions and statuses which would appear to be the domain of successful white men, or supporting radical black factions or even going so far as appointing some such as Van Jones, a confessed Marxist, the true agenda is one that uses division as an exploitive means to attempt to get certain factions to lock in support in the game of identity politics.

It’s not like the American people didn’t have plenty of warning before voting for such a detestable and dangerous figure even with such fawning admiration and idolatry from the mainstream press who could not completely keep the lid on Obama’s association with figures like Jeremiah Wright whose profession has been feeding on exploiting racial division or William Ayers, a major figure in the radical movement of 1960’s committed to the destruction of the American system and capitalism as we know it.

When one thinks back to Rush Limbaugh’s admission he wanted Obama to fail, all right thinking Americans must surely unite behind a determined stance that Obama policies and attempts to re-engineer the architecture of our country must fail too. The American people must recognize that Barack Obama isn’t simply a poor leader; he’s a very dangerous President who must be rendered incapable of pushing his agenda on even a small scale. His dangerous policies have completely destroyed the financial stability of our country selling our future to the likes of the totalitarian interests of the Chinese and Saudi Arabians, radically extended the reach of the Federal government, shown gross favoritism to organized labor as so clearly demonstrated by how General Motors and Chrysler were nationalized giving favor a tremendous controlling stake in the results, destroyed the manned space program, and weakened America against its enemies. When leadership was required to deal with a national disaster, the administration proved itself incapable of establishing and executing effective action to control the BP oil well catastrophe. Where government action is required to resolve dangerous situations from the Arizona border to the gulf coast, Obama’s incompetence, lack of experience, and clouded vision blinded by ideological not pragmatic thinking result in dangerous situations becoming historic crises. Our nation will be in extreme danger until Obama is removed from the Presidency in the 2012 presidential elections. In the meantime, changing the power balance of congress, using the court system, non-violent revolution, media saturation, and outright defiance will be required to stop the most dangerous President in United States history whose promise of transforming America has shown alarming results so far – some by design and some by not being capable of dealing with situations where effective Presidential leadership is mandatory. Think of how the Gulf oil catastrophe will transform our future.

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