Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Media Bias -- Worse than Imagined

Did even the most cynical among us think that the left-wing journalists had a truly orchestrated plan to slant the media?

Probably not.

The assumption many of us have thought is that the mainstream old media consists of a lot of likeminded people who reinforce their biases and beliefs through their interaction and socializing, but to think that some members of the media were actively engaged in producing purposely slanted news might have seen like a stretch, until now.

Starting with the issue of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and its possible harm to the Obama campaign, a group of journalists discussed how to keep a lid on the story and create smokescreens to bottle up those intent on making a big issue of the dangers Wright posed.

The strategy, label key conservatives as racists.

The story is being widely reported today, but rather than offer support from Fox News or Brietbart who the left will quickly attempt to smear as hostile right wing sources, let’s go to The Christian Science Monitor. Today they’ve published an expose revealing some very disturbing media tactics.

Link to their report: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2010/0720/JournoList-Is-call-them-racists-a-liberal-media-tactic

Numerous left wing media members belong to an Internet group called JournoList until the list was recently disbanded. It provided a means by which like minded leftists could communicate ideas and strategies to others including spin factors on how to cover certain news events. One journalist, Spencer Ackerman sought to create a smokescreen to divert attention from the Jeremiah Wright flare up by purposely attacking prominent conservatives to make that the big story to supersede coverage on Wright. Ackerman suggested, “Pick one of Obama's conservative critics, Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares – and call them racists."

He went on to state indicating it was meant to take rhetorically, “What is necessary is to raise the cost on the right of going after the left. In other words, find a right-winger’s [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear.”

Spencer Ackerman is an independent self-described national security reporter who worked for the New Republic before termination for insubordination

The conservative site, Daily Caller, went on to report that journalists for Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the New Republic, Salon, and the Guardian were outraged at what they considered rough treatment directed at Barack Obama in debates from George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson (hardly known for having conservative outlooks).

Worse, Michael Tomasky of the Guardian urged Journo-List members to do “what we can to kill ABC and this idiocy in whatever venues we have.”

The implication is clear. What was written off as the ravings of rightwing talk show hosts and columnists has far more real substance than ever imagined previously. The voracity of news coverage must be further viewed with doubt and skepticism. Accusations directed at Obama critics must be further filtered for the motive behind the accusation. Clearly, the insinuation has been since the early days of the presidential candidate selection process – those who don’t buy into the myth of Obama, write gleefully about what a historical wonder he represents, or suggest any criticism of him whatsoever do so at their own peril at the risk of being branded a racist.


Since the victory of the civil rights movement and ascent of political correctness, there is no more damning accusation than one being labeled “racist.” Lives and reputations have been destroyed by such charges. However, with what has been played up in the media and the degree to which charges of racism are being so casually hurled about, the true evil of racism is being diminished where the charges themselves don’t carry the weight they once did because of the intense demagoguery and character assassination voices of the left have perpetrated especially in support of Obama and the attempts to destroy his critics. More and more, Saul Alinsky’s tactics defined in his Rules for Radicals have become the modus operandi of the radical left or self-described “progressives.”

The left have shown time and time again whether it is what the media has demonstrated in this reportage or how the Obama administration with the Pelosi/Reid led legislature attempts to ramrod its agenda into practice, in their world the end result justifies whatever means are necessary to achieve it. Lies, distortions, false accusations, and character assassination are all fair game when going against those who don’t support their agenda.

All right-minded Americans must find this conduct unacceptable and make sure those who practice it are held accountable for their behavior. Whether it is voting out of office corrupt leaders or refusing to support inflammatory media sources, their treachery will not be tolerated. Whether we like it or not, we are all soldiers or prisoners in a great cultural war. Do we support a constitutional republic or will we allow our society to degenerate into a socialist collective?

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