Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dirty Road Ahead

Penny Lee, a former consultant for Majority Leader, Harry Reid, presents herself as a smirkish, lying bitch. Is this how low the Democratic Party will go in sending out its talking heads to engage the media?

Lee is a fashionable blonde who engages the camera with big bright blue eyes and a glaring, sarcastic grin. Surely, there must be some calculation that a woman some would see as attractive and sexy is going to be especially effective lying through her huge white teeth.

In an interview with Juan Williams, a respected liberal journalist, she argued that the Republican Party and the Tea Party have become one and the same. The Tea Party is an extremist group. The Republicans favor privatizing social security and eliminating Medicare. Despite Williams’ questions to nail down specifics or pointing out the contradictions, Ms. Lee would not diverge in the slightest from her talking points. The idea must be constant repetition of nonsense will stick in the viewer’s mind better than insightful questions that rip her contentions apart.

Once again, the Democrats assume the public is stupid and easily swayed. Miss Lee is all style and no substance exhibiting less ability to think on her feet than even Sarah Palin does. What core is left is pure dishonesty that the slightest investigation would quickly refute.

Having watched Howard Dean explicitly lie about the Sharrod case on Sunday, several days after the episode hit the news media continued to insist that Fox News was responsible for helping to break the distorted, edited video of Ms. Sharrod’s commentary on race. In fact, the first mention of the episode on Fox was not until the “O’Reilly Factor” after the Obama administration had already fired her. By that time, the story was in the media mainstream. Fox reporters and anchors were ordered by their news director not to rush this story to broadcast wanting to be sure all due diligence was exercised in what could be a touchy situation. Nevertheless, on Fox News Sunday, Dean not only angrily tried to assert the lie once again, but after looking totally dumbfounded after host, Chris Wallace, articulated what actually happened, Dean attempted to repeat the lie before his segment ended.

Between these two episodes, a major component of the Democratic Party’s strategy is revealed. Their goal is to first, discredit Fox News, since it is the only major news source that regularly provides the Republican candidates a chance to articulate their issues and respond to their critics. Their technique to discredit Fox is the same tactic used to destroy their Republican opponents. They will make assertions with no other intent in mind that to disrupt their opponents by forcing them on the defensive having to refute the Democrat’s outrageous claims and reassert their positions. That their accusations are bold faced lies are of no consequence as long as they serve their strategic purpose of disrupting the Republicans from forwarding their campaign issues. In the radical world, truth and honor have no transcendent value. They seek to maintain and grow their power base. Given this is their end, any means that accomplishes that end is justifiable. The ends justify the means for Sol Alinsky followers. While facts are irrelevant, what their claims must do is be emotionally inflammatory and frightening. Doing so supports the faithful members of their political base, often folks who see themselves as victims the Democrat’s programs, entitlements, and earmarks are designed to address.

Republicans, independents, and all those who believe the truth matters must not let these bold faced lies, personal attacks, and vicious accusations go unchallenged. Mature, honest people must unite to throw these scoundrels out of office. This is no time for complacency or indifference.

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