Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once Again: Obama Administration Withdraws from War on Terror

If we are not engaged in a “war on terror” or fighting “jihadists,” then what the hell is going on?

See this article from the Washington Times for the Obama administration’s latest withdrawal from reality:

Apparently, President Barack Obama and his brain trust think they know. How ironic it is that this story should surface in the Washington Times showing the administration playing kissy-kissy nice with those who are sworn to kill every single one of us just after they revealed their “flag” address so their loyal butt-kissers can rat out regular citizens like us who’d dare criticize their attempts to seize government control of our nation’s health care system.

It just doesn’t add up unless your notion of Democracy is that of Hugo Chavez, a garden variety communist, who used the legitimate election process to get into office and then do whatever he goddamned well pleased.

With each passing day, we get a better idea of what Barack Obama’s master vision is for how he intends to “transform” America, and the picture we see is nothing like the free enterprise system that has lead the world for over a century in almost every important endeavor including science, engineering, technology, medicine, product design, military power, and personal well being.

No task is more important for the national government than to provide for the national defense and to uphold a nation of law. We did not chose this war on terror. The terrorists chose us. Nothing but disaster awaits us if we deny this cold chilling reality. However, in Obama-Nation, on the macro level, he can’t accept what national defense truly involves and on the micro level he’d dare insult our local law enforcement officers everywhere when he opined the Cambridge police “acted stupidly.”

Who’s the fool, Barack Obama or the American citizens if we don’t see one of the most dangerous enemies to our freedom and way of life resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC?

Yes, Barack Obama is revealing himself what he really is, the traitor-in-chief.

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