Monday, August 31, 2009

The September Chase: Rumbles of a Shakeup?

A funny thing happened on the way to the post season in the last full week of August. While the Texas Ranger failed to advance on the Boston Red Sox for the Wild Card, they continued to hold their own against California at five games back. While we joked that the Minnesota fans would be to engaged with the Brett Favre arrival in purple and gold to notice what the Twinkies are up to, but they just completed a 7-3 week going 1 ½ games over the Chicago White Sox, with their sights set on Detroit, five games their superior. They also obtained right-handed reliever, Jon Rauch. The balance of power still puts New York out front in the league with California second best, first in the west. The Red Sox still hold the Wild Card slot, but Texas, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay have earned the right to consider their possibilities.

In the National League, the St. Louis Cardinals have turned out the lights in the Central, but they’re still two back in the loss column behind Philadelphia (East) and Dodgers (West) who are tied with 53 losses. A week ago, however, Los Angeles was hearing a rumble from the Rockies who were closing the distance between the two teams. A five game losing streak, first two against the Dodgers and then three against San Francisco brought Denver back down to earth, now tied with San Francisco for the Wild Card lead but now a full six games behind the Dodgers. Now just three losses behind San Francisco and Denver, the Atlanta Braves and Florida Marlins are back in the Wild Card hunt, but for total weirdness, despite playing a mediocre 4-6 in the past ten games, the Cubbies are but four games behind in losses. Uncle Lou and the Addison Street crazies in the post season??? Nah!!!!

While all is the same atop the standings except for the NL Wild Card one week later on September’s eve, there’s a rumble that could explode and perhaps upset the AL West or Wild Card and do the same in the NL. Meanwhile, could there be one last postseason performance for the Metrodome? Stay tuned for the head-to-head matchups between competitors and perhaps some lowly also ran who decides to play spoiler.

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