Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama's Health Care Message: The Science of Deception -- the Art of Lying

Who’s bearing “false witness” Mr. Obama, who? With each speech, each statement, each public meeting, the message keeps changing, the focus blurs, and what is is not what’s in the most tangible proposal the public can examine as what will be the government take over of the nation’s medical system, HR 3200. The people Obama lies about, regular citizens, seniors, Americans from all walks of life and political backgrounds are doing what many Democrats in Congress refuse to do, read the bill. These are people whose concerns are real, heart-felt, and carefully considered. “False witness” is accusing their concerns as being trumped up or somehow stirred up by insurance companies, the Republican party, talk radio, and Fox News. There’s enough debate among Democrats themselves that blamestorming to accuse everyone else is most dishonest.

The whole presentation, the methodology of selling the plan to the public is at heart dishonest. The intent is for the Federal government to take over the health care industry. What is being said, what’s in the speeches, the ads, the promotions, being carried around by spokespeople to convey on television is carefully researched and tested language their research shows the public might be willing to swallow and this strategy worked in the past, but this bill is so onerous, the public can’t be fooled any longer.

If the public isn’t buying, change the name. First, it was “universal” health care, then talk turned to cutting health care costs. Now it’s an all out assault on the private insurance industry, calling the strategy now, “Health Insurance Reform.”

While the Obama administration attempts to reassure Americans that, “If you like the care you have now, you can keep it.” Examining the details of HR 3200 tells a different story.

All explanations have been wrought with fuzzy language. One marketing ploy is that health care coverage will get better because there will be competing options, the current system with the government system. What they’re not telling is how the government’s plan is stacked and that the private option will be regulated out of existence.

The media is doing a shameful job of reporting the full extent of Barack Obama’s philosophy on health care including past statements, many as recent as the 2008 Presidential campaign that show a firm commitment to socialized medicine. The ultimate smoking gun is from a speech delivered to the Illinois AFL-CIO in 2003 where he carefully described how an incremental approach could accomplish the eventual goal of total government control.

The public is aware of some key issues that deserve attention which could all be considered “health insurance reform,” but make no mistake, what Barack Obama envisions and what is spelled out in HR 3200 is no such thing.

Perhaps the biggest insurance reform would be allowing the insurance industry to operate on a national not a state level whereby if a health consumer can find a better policy offered out-of-state, it will be available. Emphasis needs to be put on putting the policy holder or health care consumer more in charge with less emphasis on the employer. We need private market reform that will allow coverage for pre-existing conditions.

None of these concerns justify creating a huge Federal bureaucracy, extremely expensive to start up and extremely expensive producing another mandatory huge government outlay in every year’s budget.

The radical left approach suggests that millions of Americans are basically cheated out of health care by a greedy for profit economic system where employers opt not to provide coverage for their employees at the expense of the company’s bottom line and that the cost of individual coverage is out of reach for “working” people to afford. On closer examination and crunching the numbers, the real number of uninsured citizens falls off tremendously when eliminating those who clearly have the means to afford insurance and illegal immigrants are not counted toward the total uninsured.

What are left are employees who work for small companies and the self-employed, the private contractor, who don’t have the buying power of larger companies. This issue can be solved in several ways not requiring government take over. For instance, if insurance associations could be formed which small companies could join allowing small companies banded together to buy insurance en masse, that would create the kind of numbers, the buying power, of big business.

The beauty of the private system is that many ideas can be floated, attempted, and in an open market competitive system, the best system will prevail.

Government systems are slow to respond to the need for change and ultimately become a huge beast addressing all kinds of non-productive and in-effective political needs.

Do not fall for the latest ploy, this is not about insurance reform, it’s still about the Federal Government taking over health care and eliminating YOUR CHOICES.

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