Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama and Health Plan Critics: Fascism in Action

First if you believe in the Obama health plan and feel we are ultra-right wing hate mongers report us. That’s what the barack-ocrats running the Obama-nation want you to do. Here’s the email address.

If you’re sane and really care about our country and your health care, read on.

So what is this email address to the White House about? It’s an address set up so that if you get emails forwarded to you critical of the Democrats’ attempt to socialize our health care system, you can forward them to the White House so they can deal with the misinformation. Check out the following White House blog and video featuring Linda Douglass, the White House Health Reform’s Office, Communications Director in which the White House brain police attempt at every level to stereotype critics of socialized medicine as radicals, fakes, and an “angry mob.”

This is terrifying:

Systematically, the Obama administration is attempting to stifle democracy and free speech in action by mischaracterizing their opposition in sweeping false terms which attacks the messengers for their perceived motivations falsely attributed to them by the administration while completely dismissing their message.

We saw what contempt Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon had for anti-Vietnam war critics as Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro Agnew, attacked anti-war critics as “an effete corps of impudent snobs.” The horrible saga of Washington showed the extent to which the Nixon administration would attempt to keep tabs on their adversaries and critics, but they did their dirty work in secret and got caught. The Obama administration conducts their treachery out in the open.

Many citizens have trouble with the proposed government health plans on many levels. Seniors fear the impact on Medicare. Average citizens fear losing the health care they currently have now that they feel meets their needs. Federal budget watchers keep an eye on the price tag realizing the program will run up huge deficits. Some conservatives oppose the plan on more ideological grounds, that socialism is never an acceptable way to solve society’s problems by putting the government in charge of services best provided by the private sector.

While our opposition collectively is strong, what brings us to opposing the Obama health plan consists of many influences based on hundreds of different concerns and interests.

Given that Barack Obama’s background consists of learning from far left radicals steeped in Communist dogma only later studying the United States Constitution which he had criticized in the past as too rigid and stifling of his agenda, that he would have contempt for the Bill of Rights in practice and tend to react toward opposition more the way a petty Communist dictator would should surprise no one.

When someone is a true believer in his own abilities and radical ideologies, anyone who stands in the way or disagrees is subject to tremendous treachery if not easily converted to the faithful.

We seek to undermine the Obama administration at every turn. Every time his administration attempts to steal our freedom or expend the reach of government, we will be there quick to register our opposition.
Yes, we want him to fail. We want him to fail miserably as we understand the dreadful design he has on our society and how our society based on free enterprise and personal responsibility would be destroyed if he succeeds.

Please join us if you agree.

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