Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come On, Sean

We like Sean Hannity. He's a lively talk show host who does a great job of representing the conservative point of view. He's witty, informed, and not afraid to stand his ground. While he takes some indefensible positions at times, we applaud his efforts.

We hope Sean will let go of something. Yes, it was outrageous when David Letterman sacked Sarah Palin with comments about her daugher being knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. The gap toothed, washed up standup comic deserved to be called out for his over-the-top insults. Letterman gave a half-assed explanation he could use to show his critics, "see I apologized." Then Letterman didn't miss a chance to flog the former Alaskan governor when the day's news gave him the chance.

This is what David Letterman does. He's an angry man who is strongly in the fold as a left-wing media mainstay. He presumes a like-minded audience. The rest of us tune him out, but we all know where he's coming from.

So Letterman's at it again. He'll milk Sarah Palin for jabs as long as he thinks she's worth the joust. So what. That's what he does. That's what he'll do.

So why does Sean have to make it an issue worth pointing out on his nightly show with Fox?

There are far more important issues to discuss. Letterman's garbage is well-known. Maybe over three hours of a radio show where he can loosen up a little more, mentioning Letterman's silliness could be part of a daily wrap-up, but we feel that calling attention to Letterman only gives him more recognition of which he is not worthy.

Letterman's a jerk. Who doesn't know that by now who isn't part of his audience?

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