Thursday, September 24, 2009

NCAA '09 Football: Week 4

Thankfully, Week 4 has a few more games that are better than cupcake competition. We’re showing our ACC colors with this week’s picks. This week’s action will be a big test for Miami, a team looking like Hurricane teams from the glory years so far as they face the preseason favorite to rule the conference, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. North Carolina is nationally ranked but Georgia Tech gets a slight nod, probably for home field advantage from Las Vegas. We’ll see what happens when Iowa visits Penn State in State College, PA. Does revenge sound like a possibility?

Here are the games we’re tracking.

North Carolina (#22) at Georgia Tech -2 ½
Go Tar Heels. This will be one more step up the ladder for a growing team.

Indiana at Michigan (#23) -21
For the much maligned Wolverines, has anyone noticed they’re at 3-0 so far? They’ll beat Indiana but the Hoosiers might bust the spread.

Miami (#9) -2 ½ at Virginia Tech (#11)
Playing at home and having a more experienced team should be enough for the Beamer Boys to bring Miami back down to earth for now.

Rutgers -2 ½ at Maryland
Which Terps team shows up on Saturday? If the Terps play up to their ability, they should win by at least a touchdown. If they get off track, it could get ugly. We’re going to be good Marylanders and pick our state school.

TCU (#15) at Clemson -2 ½
Clemson is one of those teams hovering just below the top 25 and should be strong enough to hold off TCU. It appears the odds makers are on to this too.

Arizona State at Georgia (#21) -12
Far western teams often have trouble adjusting to eastern time zone games, but given this game has a late starting time should help mitigate that factor for Arizona State. This is the kind of game Georgia has to be careful or an upset is likely. They must pull things together, cut down on mistakes, and control the ball. They are the better team but will be tested to prove it.

Iowa at Penn State (#5) -10
Joe Paterno is far too classy to pound his first and talk of revenge. He doesn’t have to. Welcome to the Penn State home field. Tens of thousands of fans will take care of the revenge factor as the entire Penn State community will be united behind one thing, stuffing Iowa for ruining their storybook season last year. Many thought last year was Paterno’s one last shot to play for the national championship, but everything’s lined up for that to be possible again. By the time the clock runs out Saturuday night, the Nittany Lions crowd will have tears in their eyes and lumps in their throats knowing they’ve watched one more episode in college football history, one of its greatest coaches ever lead another generation of players to a clutch victory.

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