Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marxist Style Indoctrination of Early Childhood Students Spreads to Asheville, NC

Asheville, North Carolina??? Egads, where does the insanity end? At Sand Hill Elementary school, elementary school children once again appear in a North Korean style salute to the Supreme Leader style presentation in which their chant works in Obama campaign slogans establishing him as a heroic figure for promoting hope and education.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfhHHCXxVe4
Surely promoting critical thinking is a very low priority in this school!!! Using school children as pawns being brainwashed to support a specific political ideology and deifying the President of the United States through such mind-numbing techniques is as inexcusable as it is dangerous. Of what educational benefit is it to compel children to chant political slogans at the expense of helping them understand issues that these slogans promote from an explicitly left-wing point of view?

If the goal is helping kids understand the importance of education, having them recite slogans followed with “Hope” and “Yes we can.” is no way to do it.

This is the second example of blatant politicizing the learning environment for very young elementary school children attempting to indoctrinate them into the Obama agenda before they reach the instructional level where they’re ready to learn such concepts objectively (if there are still public schools that teach the political process devoid of liberal talking points). No one should be surprised if YouTube isn’t flooded with more examples of such insanity in the days ahead.

As disturbing as these events themselves is the deafness to criticism the holier than thou school officials demonstrate in response to criticism. They’re more concerned about punishing those who would post what they are doing on the Internet as if what happens in PUBLIC schools is a private matter than fulfilling their responsibility to the community’s they serve.

That children could be forced to act as stone faced innocent zombies giving voice to left-wing political messages is disturbing enough, but what does this say about the intellectual climate within public schools that make teachers and administrators think that staging such activities could ever be acceptable.

Once again, it shows the elitist, “we know what’s good for you and the rest of the world” attitude that permeates all institutions from education at all levels from small local elementary schools to the nation’s top universities where left-wing dogma prevails. Parents and the taxpayers in the community are seen as an intrusive enemy threatening their mission to do what they consider is necessary to achieve their agenda.

In so doing, schools have become laboratories of socialist indoctrination where teachers and students understand both implicitly and explicitly that no mention of God or spiritual values dare be expressed where students are even reprimanded and punished for expressing their faith in the classroom and school activities.

While forcing school prayer on students would be dead wrong, such a concept is essentially the same kind of abuse as making kids parrot idiotic pro-Obama talking points. The same forces who stridently support left-wing brainwashing are likewise the first to silence expression of traditional values especially when they involve any notion of a Creator.

It’s time for patriotic Americans to be angered into action against the garbage the radical left is spoon feeding our children.


Foxwood said...

It is amazing. There are hundreds of indoctrination videos on youtube if you look for them. This is why we are losing the Socialism war. Hopefully unveiling this stuff will turn the "Tide".


Right Minded Fellow said...

No doubt the ones that have surfaced in the well-known blogs and on Fox News are but the tip of the iceberg. Teachers who are doctrinaire NEA devotees who practice the NEA agenda have politicized their classrooms for years. Obama gives them a rallying point. The NEA legislative agenda and platform has been radical since the 1970's.