Thursday, September 17, 2009

NCAA '09 Football: Week 3

Time for cupcakes!!!
Cupcake season has arrived at college football stadia from coast to coast as teams play soft teams to help boost their win/loss records and come to the aid of lesser state schools where such games are big revenue raisers for the states’ university system. We had a tough time picking a competitive and interesting slate. Here’s our picks.

Georgia Tech #14 at Miami #20 (-4).
We pick Georgia Tech. Miami’s not there yet.

Boston College at Clemson (- 7)
Boston College can’t escape the valley. Call it Clemson.

Nebraska #19 at Virginia Tech #13 (-4 ½)
You can’t grow corn in Hokey soil. Virginia Tech wins.

Michigan State at Notre Dame (-10)
Notre Dame won’t let another team named for their northern neighbor get the best of them this week. Give it to the Fighting Irish. This is a must win for Notre Dame. With Clausen at QB and all the other things that are supposed to prove they are a top tier team again, opening at 0-2 will smash those hopes. Forget any big bowls.

Florida State at Brigham Young # 7 (-7 ½)
Sad to say, but it’s hard to pick any ACC team against a top ten team. Brigham young wins.

Arizona at Iowa (-4)
Iowa should take the home field advantage against Arizona and win.

Texas Tech at Texas #2 (-17 ½)
Texas will win but Tech will top the spread in a good old Texas shootout.

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