Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Dare They!!! Obama Nation Brainwashing School Children

Mm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama

He said that all must lend a hand
To make this country strong again
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama

He said we must be fair today
Equal work means equal pay
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama

He said that we must take a stand
To make sure everyone gets a chance
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama

He said red, yellow, black or white
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama

Mmm, mmm, mm
Barack Hussein Obama

Students at a New Jersey elementary school, B. Bernice Young Elementary School, are shown on a YouTube video singing this song.

As Larry the Cable Guy used to say, “What the hell is this, Russia?”

In a free society we do not force our school children to sing songs of exaltation of our national leader. Further in looking at the lyrics to this song, Barack Obama is being portrayed as a mythic heroic figure around whom great values are associated with explicitly political themes associated with left-wing politics are expressed. We've heard some of the lines as leftist organizing slogans in the past.

Every person in the decision making process that allowed this to happen needs to be disciplined and as public employees working in a public capacity, the public should know who they are and what the consequences will be.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Imagine if a group of Texas elementary school kids sang,

“George Bush, George Bush,
Look at him kick terrorists tush”

The media uproar would be deafening.

Okay, for young black students there should be some concession to the historic accomplishment of having an African American president represents but would children at an early age realize that Barack Obama is a bogus African American in so far as he has no lineage to the historic struggle the children of slavery endured. Unlike Condoleezza Rice who was a child during the legendary struggle and brutal response to the Birmingham Alabama protests in the 1960’s, Obama’s roots go to a Kenyan father marrying a Kansas white woman with no connection to the historic conflict that still continues today.

Obama is nothing more than a media created artifact, a bogus facsimile, a fraud. Obama is a radical politician steeped in left wing ideology whose entire political and intellectual universe has been molded by outrageous American haters and fervent ideologues with a blind hatred of free enterprise and the profit motive.

Put that in a song and sing it.

For more information on this inexcusable episode, please read the following:
Surely the mainstream media will never cover the danger this represents.

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