Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kill the Messenger!!!

I have had ENOUGH of Glenn Beck. Conservatives could generally proudly assert that spokespeople for their movement are civil, rational people when constrasted to the antics seen on "Air America" or from mouthpieces like Keith Olbermann or Janeanne Garafulo.

Glen Beck is beyond obnoxious. He juvenile smart assed behavior is intolerable. He'll be the punch line as the excuse for lots of leftists attempts to discredit the right thinking person.

You'll hear it, "Oh, they're just getting riled up by Glenn Beck." If folks are sitting on the fence and see how this fool carries on, how can anyone not want to dismiss the message because the messenger is beyond reason.

Besides that, some of his sweeping generalties are simply dangerous. This week he made the concept of "social justice" another one of his whipping posts like "the progressive movement" which he presents like some monolithic conspiracy. Beck has a limited range of topics repeating the same tirades night after night, same issues, same whipping posts, same gripes, no thoughtful insight, no intellectual scrutiny, just surly mouthing-off.
He's the kind person if he were in your presence it would all you could do to restrain from hauling back and slipping him across his smirky face.
Let's hope he's used up 14 of his 15 minutes of fame.

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