Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Democrats Are at It Again: Punishing Joe Wilson

The House Democrats Need to Chill

Get a load of this, Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out, “you lie!” during President Barack Obama’s health care sales pitch to Congress. While he was correct in pointing out the President was lying and yelling “BULLSHIT” would have been every bit as accurate, in civil society our elected officials should not behave in such an uncivil manner and behave like grown ups.

Mr. Wilson issued an apology. He said what needed to be said. Apparently, the White House accepted the apology though don’t be surprised if they don’t try to score political points for this episode later. The Democrats demand more. Wilson must make a formal apology on the House floor. Meanwhile the party leaders have activated the democratic Congressional Campaign to go wild raising money for his challenger, Rob Miller. Wilson maintains he’s apologized sufficiently and will not give into partisan demands that he apologize more publicly. CASE CLOSED!!!!

If we are to criticize inappropriate behavior making accusations of lying, let’s look at the accusations Nancy Pelosi hurled at the CIA on the record. Now there’s a charge that demands some major action and if she weren’t the mother hen of the House, surely she’d deserve a strong rebuke, possibly censure for her idiocy. WHEN IS NANCY PELOSI GOING TO APOLOGIZE TO THE FINE PROFESSIONALS IN THE CIA SHE TRASHED?

The difference between Wilson and Pelosi is that Wilson attacked a political target while Pelosi attacked a group of highly dedicated non-partisan professionals some of whom lay their lives on the line for our nation’s security which is more than anyone could ever suggest of the House Speaker with her sense of royal entitlement.

It’s always fascinating to see the Democrats play the “my shit doesn’t stink” game. There isn’t a sane person in the world who wouldn’t want to avoid a partisan farting contest, the elephant versus the jackass.

Here’s the article:

Meanwhile, back home in South Carolina where Joe Wilson’s behavior really matters, some folks are just fine with his situation. Within 48 hours of his outburst during Obama’s speech, he raised close to $750,000 for his reelection campaign.

The Democrats must be confident the press will cover their back when it comes to vicious accusations of lying. Run the tapes and see what folks like Barney Frank, Harry Reid and others have had to say about George W. Bush when they were in the minority party. At least there is substantial truth in Joe Wilson’s charge based on the track record of the efforts in congress to seize control of the nation’s health care.

If it’s fair to ask for Wilson’s apology, we demand the same of the Democrats for Nancy Pelosi accusing the CIA of lying and the many instances where similar accusations were hurled by several prominent Democrats at George W. Bush and Dick Chaney. In this farting contest, they’ll find out whose shit stinks the most.

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