Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Senate Medical Mandate: Treacherous and Malicious Deception as Means to an End

American politics has seldom revealed its absolute worst instincts as what the Democratic leadership in the Senate showed in its efforts to secure the necessary sixty votes to pass their version of government takeover of America’s medical system.

For whatever the plan intends to accomplish, all provisions are mired in a spider’s web of special provisions, exemptions, and qualifiers each one carefully crafted to satisfy a certain special interest, appease various concerns, or buy the votes of possible nay voters.

In 2009, the Louisiana Purchase is the amount of funding in special Medicaid money to buy Senator Mary Landreau’s vote. Nebraska was granted Medicaid funding exemptions to secure Ben Nelson’s vote. Michigan and New York Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been exempted from a tax that will be imposed on all other 48 states. Florida gets special treatment being able to maintain the current Medicare Advantage program that is being obliterated for recipients elsewhere.

Follow a maze of clever manipulations and now abortion becomes a Federal entitlement while there is language in the bill that would indicate the contrary.

Taxes and fees are imposed right and left, often in deceptive ways so politicians can claim not to have raised taxes on the vast majority of voters. Well, their pay stub might not show the damage, but their cost of living as these costs will be absorbed into the cost of all kinds of goods and services will be extreme.

Further, as Medicare races toward insolvency as baby boomers reach retirement age, image this, the Senate intends to fund what they call health care for all by cuts in Medicare. They say most of this will be through eliminating waist and fraud.

If waste and fraud plagues Medicare which provides health care for only our aged and disabled population, imagine the scope of it when the whole country is involved.

Sift down the 2000 plus pages of favors, giveaways, qualifications, exemptions, and legalese there is nothing that changes medical service for the population with the possible exception of some aid for those with pre-existing conditions.

Now that the dirty dead was done at 7:00 Christmas Eve morning, the bill must be reconciled with the house bill which has its own treachery and march toward socialism in its mandates.

Isn’t it fascinating to note how much both houses have attempted to keep as much of the crafting of this legislation hidden behind locked doors? What’s the big rush? Could they be afraid of what would happen if the public had the time to study and respond to the provisions of this hateful legislation? Why so many late night and weekend sessions? Could it be there is less media and public scrutiny available at these times?

We should remember what candidate Barack Obama said time after time how he promised a bipartisan approach to what he called health care reform. Everything would be crafted out in the open and broadcast on CSPAN.

Instead, both houses created huge bills of thousands of pages rushed for the sake of arbitrary deadlines demanding action knowing full well that few legislators would have time to read or absorb its content.

We’ve long been told “the devil is in the details.” The sad truth is the Democratic Party’s attempts and manipulating health care is one of the most evil undertakings by the United States government since the founding of the Republic. For right-minded citizens how can we not see figures like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as Satanic villains and not want to seek political damnation for all the wishy-washy fence straddling fools who sold their political soul, their vote for this dreadful legislation for some perk that they believe would enhance their political stature.

We as concerned citizens must unleash the angry hounds of hells on Capitol to rip the political flesh from these gutless opportunistic pigs who in their cynical self serving treachery attempting to have the National Government take control of one of the most important parts of our life, our health, have attacked the very foundation of our system of limited government where all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. Surely, their intrusion into health care and the special privileges granted in this legislation raises some serious Constitutional questions as well.

America, wake up, speak up. We cannot let our right to seek the best health care we can afford stolen by a corrupt and wicked government. We must demand that there will be hell to pay for what has been done to us and our culture by these loathsome legislators and our hateful ideologue, that leftist radical in the White House, Barack Obama.

No effort can be spared to destroy them politically, tie their hands, and run them out of office as quickly as possible.

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