Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Horse's Ass Awards

We can't name them all because there were so many. This list is in no particular order aside from by the gravitas of the position alone, Barack Obama must be #1. We find folks from show biz, politics, the media, and sports all of whom have helped cheapen our culture in significant ways in 2009. We hope they will just go away and become obscure in 2010, but.....

Barack Obama, former radical community organizer, law professor, President of the United States
Right Minded Fellow can surely say I told you so. Barack Obama’s lethal combination of faith in far left radical ideology, an astonishing lack of experience, being groomed in governing by the corrupt Chicago machine, and a hearty dose of extreme self-infatuation contribute to make Obama perhaps the most dangerous chief executive ever to reside in the White House. His desire to “transform” America amounts to essentially a pledge to grow government’s involvement in the private sector and each citizen’s life to an extent only known in totalitarian societies. We’ve seen a series of embarrassing blunders as the notorious background of some of his radical advisors became known. Other key figures most notably Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano have signaled a shift in focus away from an all-out war on terror to a nuanced stance of appeasement. When one considers their initial phobia against using terms like “terrorism” and “terrorist” as witnessed by Napolitano calling a terrorist attack a “man caused disaster” and then substantial actions like the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention center and seeking to try the worst of the terrorists in civilian court, the reality of 9/11 escapes Obama’s grasp. As the real Barack Obama becomes known to the American people who are quickly seeing through his shallow fa├žade, the public will come to terms with the fact that we are currently governed by a corrupt, incompetent left wing extremist who is perhaps the worst President in American history making Jimmy Carter look capable and equaling Richard Nixon for inability to deal with critics.

Let’s not forget about Obama’s irresponsible racist comments about how the Cambridge police behaved arresting one of his Harvard cronies leading to the so-called beer summit.

Harry Reid, Senator, Nevada
No one would ever accuse the aged, constipated looking, senate majority leader of being personable, but we have more substantial accusations. Senator Reid is one of the most thoroughly corrupt partisans to infect Capitol Hill leadership in a long time. His efforts to craft a government takeover of health care with such provisions as the buyouts for Louisiana and Nebraska to gain fence straddling senators’ votes is the tip of the iceberg of a thoroughly gutless immoral leader who will almost certainly lose his job when he stands for reelection next November.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, Democratic Representative, San Francisco, CA
Show some class and don’t call Nancy Pelosi a god-damned bitch. We should show more respect for female dogs who are loving creatures who bring joy and comfort to the human condition. When it comes to character, Pelosi occupies a spatial plane lower than snake excrement. For calling the CIA liars, for her blindly partisan leadership, and for her overall dishonesty and lack of any sign of human character, she stands out as one of the most hateful figures of 2009 and the entire decade. Perhaps she’s about all one could expect from San Francisco politics.

Sarah Palin, former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate & resigned Governor of Alaska
Her fifteen minutes of fame ran out a long time ago, but we can’t get rid of her. Now having published her own book, Going Rogue, Palin has invaded the media with her “aw shucks, by golly gotcha” superficial demeanor offering simplistic pseudo-conservative platitudes appealing to the most anti-intellectual impulses of her audience. Sarah Palin should use her undeserved fame to land a spot as a small market drive time talk show host or maybe find a late afternoon television spot with a pseudo-conservative version of “Oprah.” It’s hard to take someone with such limited experience who’d quit the one source of experience she has, the governorship of Alaska, seriously. We do regret some of the shameful smears that have been thrown at her by left wing idiots like David Letterman. However, Sarah Palin was not ready for prime time in the 2008 elections and has shown no evidence of intellectual growth since, by golly.

Glenn Beck, Fox News celebrity
Glenn Beck’s presentation makes this writer shiver as one who generally fashions himself as a conservative advocate. Glenn Beck’s presentation is a disgraceful mess between his insane emotional outburst from mindless tirades to breaking into tears over some sentimental “where have the good times gone” sob stories. His critique of the left and the status quo over reaches making it sound like environmentalism and social justice are in and of themselves bad principles not the way they are carried out by the left wing. What makes Beck especially dangerous is that he makes a convenient whipping boy for the left who will quickly characterized mature and reasonable conservative values as sounding like the nonsense Glen Beck spews. His attempts to argue there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans is also grossly irresponsible. One cannot imagine “cap and trade” or socialized medicine coming from Republican leadership. That alone makes the two sides light years apart and for Beck not to recognize that shows the kind of flaming asshole he is.

Jeremy Mayfield, former NASCAR driver
Jeremy Mayfield flunked a drug test testing positive for meth, but he simply won’t go away quietly suggesting NASCAR has engaged in some big time conspiracy to push him out of the sport. His characterizations of how he has been treated and what goes on behind the scenes in NASCAR reflect a paranoid and delusional character. His days in a race car are over. He wouldn’t qualify for a job as a cab driver in Tijuana.

Mark Sanford, Governor: South Carolina
The story was he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail in “do not disturb” mode, but in fact he was getting frisky with his mistress in Argentina. After initial denial and fumbling the truth came out and that the governor was traveling on the people’s time and that his personal life was costing the taxpayers’ money, it was time to go. He has steadfastly refused to resign creating a furor among South Carolina Republicans.

Jeffrey Immelt, GE President and CEO
When Jeffrey Immelt became head honcho of General Electric after Jack Welsh’s retirement in 2000, it was one of the most successful and respected companies in the world. Since that time, he has run the company into the ground to where its once valuable stock is practically of junk bond status now. Among his misdeeds, hiring left-wing ideologue, Jeff Zucker, to head its broadcasting division, NBC whose ratings have plummeted and its news coverage has drifted to the extreme far left often to embarrassing extremes. General Electric has illegally sold technology to Iran. Further, Immelt is an Obama insider seeking great corporate privilege for supporting Obama’s radical environmental policies.

Kanye West, rap “singer”
We could write a book about this character’s misdeeds but we need only to focus on one. Taylor Swift was giving her acceptance speech for her VMA award. West took the microphone and complained that the award should have gone to Beyonce leaving Ms. Swift obscenely embarrassed though brushed off the abuse with class.

Alan Grayson, Democratic Congressman, Florida
Giving a presentation with supporting printed poster board material, Grayson announced that Republicans “want you to die” and that their answer to health care is that people should “die quickly.” He also suggested that the current health care crisis was akin to the holocaust as well as launching numerous tirades against Republicans, his critics, and the Fox News Network. For such boorish and uncivil behavior one would expect censure, but in today’s world, he has been crowned an outspoken darling by the radical left and some of its supporters in the media.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard Professor
Gates created an uproar when questioned by a well-respected police officer, Sgt. James Crowley, who was investigating what appeared to be a break-in at his residence. Rather than cooperating with the officer and diffusing an obvious misunderstanding, Gates turned on the officer, initiated a shouting match, while the officer maintained his professional demeanor accusing the officer of among other things, racial profiling. Unable to control his outbursts and not obeying the requests from the officer led to Gates arrest. Gates continued to insist that the police were racist when Crowley was noted for his work on dealing with effective race relations. The episode became highly inflammatory when President Barack Obama stated he didn’t know the facts but that the Cambridge Police acted “foolishly.”

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