Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NFL 2009: Week 15 -- Hot Games, Cold Weather

Week 15 most likely won’t be decisive in determining the playoff lineup other than St. Louis could lock up the NFC West and perhaps some of the AFC 7-6 teams could void their playoff chances if they lose. Eyes will be on Indianapolis and New Orleans to see how intensely they are going after perfect seasons given they both have locked up just about everything imaginable. San Diego can enhance its chances of nailing down a first round bye by beating Cincinnati who’d secure the AFC North if they win. Minnesota has a two game advantage over Philadelphia.

Good news for Ravens fans, if Jacksonville falls to Indy, they will move into the 6th seed that even some national talkers are predicting though a few are putting their chips on the Miami Dolphins to eventually secure that berth. Jacksonville is the team most see likely to fall off. Meanwhile, no one’s talking about Rod Ryan’s Jets as they need to leap over all of the 7-6 teams. This all assumes Denver will hold on to its spot given they host Oakland and Kansas City with a tough trip to Philadelphia sandwiched in between.

Surely, we can talk of malice in Dallas since they will get their butts handed to them in New Orleans Saturday night. The Giants face the inconsistent Redskins in DC. Should the likely happen in those two games, the Giants will move ahead to the final spot in the NFC. Both teams face tough final games with Dallas hosting Philadelphia seeking to secure their spot as NFC East champs while the Giants travel to Minnesota who could have the first round bye locked up by then.

For what it’s worth, the odds makers in Vegas are nervous about his weekend’s games because as of this writing Wednesday morning, odds are not posted for some games. Does that make anybody’s life more complicated? We hope not. Meanwhile, many fantasy leagues go into playoffs. Have fun kiddies!!!

Indianapolis at Jacksonville (no odds) THURSDAY NIGHT
The odds makers must think Indy’s going to play soft in this game. Don’t count on it. We’ll give them the edge over Jacksonville.

Dallas at New Orleans (-7)
Let’s see how much worse the horrible Phillips/Romo December record can get. The Saints will gleefully exploit their situation.

Chicago at Baltimore (-10 ½)
Isn’t it amazing how slaughtering the 2-11 Lions make the Ravens look like a playoff team? Chicago is struggling this year and the Ravens defense could make them look silly.

Cleveland at Kansas City (-2)
Ugly! Kansas City will work hard to not let Cleveland equal their record. Home team gets the edge.

Atlanta at New York Jets (NO ODDS)
What’s up with this one? The Jets win.

Miami at Tennessee (NO ODDS)
Maybe someone should check the injury wire on Saturday for this one. Tennessee is playing like they have a shot at the playoffs while Miami must win to keep their post season chances alive. Perhaps Tennessee has the slight edge. That’s our pick.

San Francisco at Philadelphia (NO ODDS)
If San Francisco can bring their show east that messed up Arizona, the Eagles should be worried, but we’ll go with the Eagles.

New England (-7) at Buffalo
We don’t want to hear about the Randy Moss/Terrell Owens comparisons in this game. New England is professional enough despite this year’s struggles to hang on for this must win.

Arizona (-12) at Detroit
Detroit has a wonderful way of making a team’s horrible performance the previous week look of little consequence by the time their game reaches half time with the Cowardly Lions. Arizona wins this one and locks up the NL West.

Green Bay at Pittsburgh (-1)
Many odds makers did not post for this one. Pittsburgh is hurting. Green Bay is hungry. The big burger needs cheese more than it needs pickles. Green Bay wins.

Houston (-10) at St. Louis
Houston should win handily.

Oakland at Denver (-12 ½)
Denver knows they must win this game or else their comfy spot for the 2nd wild card gets thrown into chaos.

Cincinnati at San Diego (-6 ½)
This game should be one of positioning for post season position. San Diego at home is the stronger team.

Tampa Bay at Seattle (-7)
This game should be a bright spot for the Seahawks who’ve had a largely miserable year.

Minnesota (-9) at Carolina
This could be the next to last home game for the Fox/Delholme era in Charlotte. Too bad they face Minnesota then New Orleans which means the last dance could be uglier than imagining Rosy O’Donnell in ballet. Brett Favre will win this won and maybe do a Wrangler ad with Dale Earnhardt Jr. if he’s at home this weekend.

New York Giants (-3) at Washington
The Giants should be favored for this one but they are quite capable of coughing up games they’re supposed to win. The Redskins gave New Orleans the scare of their season but then can turn around and look like the bottom feeders. The Giants should have the edge in this game. They need to win this one to help destroy Dallas.

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