Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Farewell to a Legend

Bobby Bowden did the right thing. He retired as coach of the Florida State Seminoles football team. His legacy is enormous having won two national championships and leading one of the dominant NCAA football programs including almost a total lock on the ACC from the time the team entered the conference for over a decade.

While his demeanor was always friendly and folksy, there was no denying his passion for the game and winning football.

Recent history has not been kind as a handful of player scandals and inability to find the winning formula has seen the Seminoles fall into mediocrity. It was looking like Bowden might been one of those fellows who did not accept his time was up forcing a bitter farewell, but as the pressure was beginning to mount, he realized he had done all he could possibly dream of giving his university.

All football fans should wish this wonderful man the best of everything in his retirement.

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