Tuesday, December 28, 2010

O-Blunder Just Does Get It --- Global Warming???

Conventional Washington wisdom suggests that if an administration wants to deliver unpopular news, do it when nobody's paying attention. Such would be the case between Christmas and New Years particularly when much of the eastern United States is dealing with digging out from a huge snow storm dumping around two feet or more of snow in the New York City area. 

Given the unusually cold weather in the closing months of 2010 and the heavy snow storms, there is a cruel irony that the Obama administation seeks to go full speed ahead on pursuing global warming legislation while it has been more than hinted he'll also attempt to use the regulatory processs where the Congress might fail him as well.

Which scientific experts should one believe?  Or is it I can't believe what my lying eyes see? The problem with the environmental policies emulating from the political left is that its so hard to see the true environmental issues for all the socialistic and geopolitical agendas which get imported into the process. The aim to setup global authorities which at least by treaty would have authority over national governments and that the free enterprise private economic systems are clearly in their gunsights reveals the true agenda -- redistribution of property and wealth.

Here's the current situation as reported by Fox News. Any attempt to legislate or regulate environental matters must be seen against the broader context on whether it is truly an environmental issue being dealt with in policy conistent with our constitutional republic and economic system or if it is an attempt to use the environment as a pretext to engage in eonomic and social re-engineering.

When the environmental activists start talking seriously about the pollution problems in China, destruction of the rainforest in Brazil, Africa, and elsewhere, then perhaps we see the environmental discussion moving toward the real targts. We must also consider whether the push to use American coal is not included in environmnetal scrutiny for domestic political considerations.


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