Thursday, December 9, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 14 -- Decision Time Drawing Near

This week's games will make the potential playoff picture much clearer starting with the outcome of tonight's game as a hobbled Indianapolis visits the unpredictable Tennessee Titans. One major contest which will determine how much of a race is left in the AFC West pits Kansas City against San Diego in sunny California. Las Vegas won't pick a favorite there but we will try. How will a new coach influence Denver not that they or Arizona are playing for much. Likewise, will Washington find new life with problem child, Albert Haynesworth banned for the rest of the season. Let's also look at the Ravens and Jets, both of whom lost and fell to the wildcard spot in the AFC whild Pittsburgh and New England look vicious.

Indianapolis (-3.5) @ Tennessee
How can you go against Payton Manning at this time of the year? Nevertheless, we don't have a whole lot of confidence in this pick for the Colts.

Tampa Bay (-3) @ Washington
The Bus look like an up and coming team guided by a promising QB. The Redskins are on life support. Tampa wins.

Cleveland @ Buffalo (-1)
Ugh, two mitakes on the lake...the great Lake Erie Sewage Bowl. We're picking the Browns.

New York Giants (-3) @ Minnesota
Could this be the end of the Favre era? Truth be told, it's already over but we'll see if he starts. The Giants will win this one certainly.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-8.5)
The Bengals will be heading home face down floating down the Ohio River after this one.

Atlanta (-7) @ Carolina
The Dixie Bowl -- Atlanta wins.

New England (-3) @ Chicago
New England probably won't do to the Bears what they did to the Jets, but this will be one ass-whoopin' in Chicago.

Seattle @ San Francisco (-5)
Las Vegas seems more convinced than this writer on this one but we like Iron Mike. Pick the 'niners.

St. Louis @ New Orleans (-9)
The Saints go marching on!!!

Denver (-5.5) @ Arizona
Okay, how will the Broncos play for their new coach against a team that seems to have quit for the season?

Miami @ New York Jets (-5.5)
Jets will bounce back big time after their Monday Night ass whoopin'.

Kansas City @ San Diego (pick)
San Diego will probably squeak this one out as it's now or never for them playing at home. KC wins this one, they're as good as in as West champs.

Philadelphia (-3.5) @ Dallas
Yeow, will the new Cowboys have enough to beat an energetic Eagles team? We'll go with Philadelphia knowing this could go the other way.

Baltimore (-3) @ Houston
The Ravens are hopping mad after clobbering the Steelers only to wind up beaten in the 4th quarter. Baltimore wins!!!

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