Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 13 -- Playoff Racs Shape Up as Craziness Goes Wild

Fights, a QB laughing with a teammate while his team is being blown out then denying it to reporters then going ballistic, but other than that, a typical Thanksgiving weekend. Detroit got pounded, the other two games were pretty good. Sunday was full of fun. Here's Week 13's match ups and picks.

Houston @ Philadelphia (-7 1/2)
It's been a steady trip downhill for Houston who was expected to perform. Philadelphia should have this home game under control.

Washington @ New York Giants (-7)
The Redskins appear to be on life support. Unlikely to see any surprises as the Giants will be large and in change.

San Francisco @ Green Bay (-9 1/2)
Green Bay is rolling along as one of the NFC's elite. No contest.

Denver @ Kansas City (-7)
Denver appears in free fall mode.

 Buffalo @ Minnesota (-7)
Swamp boy Brett should have enough left in his old body to win this one.

Chicago @ Detroit (DRAW)
 Chicago will win.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee (-3)  
Jacksonville is one of the surprise teams of 2010 and should beat their division foes.

New Orleans (-6) @ Cincinnati
Forget the hype about New Orleans playing in cold weather. They'll make an ice sculpture out of the Cinco and Stinko show.

Atlanta (-3) @ Tampa Bay
Tampa is better than one might think but not good enough to stop Atlanta.

Oakland @ San Diego (-12 1/2)
San Diego showed what their offense can do against the Colts. At home they'll whack the Raiders.

Carolina @ Seattle (-6)
Pity the folks from Charlotte, the Panthers are about the weakest team in the game this year. Seattle can fall apart when they should win but not this time.

St. Louis (-2.5) @ Arizona
After how poor they played at home against San Francisco, they'd better show up for the Rams. They'll not have a chance without more effort.

Dallas @ Indianapolis (-5)
This game is a must win for the Colts. They're banged up and Dallas is playing better with Wade Phillips gone, but they still play well at home.

TWO BIG ONES -- The winners of these two games will probably be the AFC Championship contenders.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (3)
How hurt is Ben Roethlisberger?  If the Ravens whack him around they win. If they don't, it could get ugly.

New York Jets @ New England (-3.5)
Both teams are 9-2. This will be a brawl between contrasting styles. New England has the edge.


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