Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 15 -- P,p,p, play-Offs!!!! Did Somebody Say Playoffs???!!!!

The playoff picture is in sight especially in the AFC where it would appear the field is set except maybe the AFC West. It’s just a question of who will win the division and who’d be the Wild Card in the North and the East. The NFC is still wide open. Here’s this week’s action for NFL Week 15 as we enter the new era of Brett Favre not being involved. We’ll review the games with playoff implications first.

San Francisco @ San Diego (-10)
The team that loses this game loses its shot at the playoffs and that team should be San Francisco despite San Diego can be a frustrating underachiever. This is their time of the year, though, but that didn’t keep them from losing to Oakland.

New Orleans @ Baltimore (-2)
Both teams are likely to make the playoffs but the loser of this game and forget its chances to win its division. The Ravens must play sharper defense and get better protection for its passing game if it hopes to beat the defending champs.

Kansas City @ St. Louis (Pick)
Kansas City is struggling to hold on to first place while St. Louis in the hapless NFC West is tied for first despite having a losing record. Both teams are in the hunt since each conference has a weak division. KC has been more consistent and shows more ways to win than St. Louis, so pick KC to beat St. Louis

Philadelphia @ New York Giants (-2.5)
This could be one of the toughest fights of the weekend as the Eagles and Giants fight for the NFC East title while the loser could well be the second wild card team. The Giants seem to be a little more consistent across their lineup than the Eagles who’d need a commanding game from Michael Vick to prevail. Go with New York.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-5)
Here’s the fight for the AFC South. The loser of this game will most likely not only not win the division but also fall from playoff consideration since they’d have to catch either the AFC North or East second place teams, both have 9-4 records. Payton Manning’s boys have the edge.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh (-6)
The Steelers are pretty banged up. New York’s QB, Mark Sanchez, has lost his mojo. Pittsburgh needs the win to stay atop the AFC North. The Jets need the game for any hope of being New England for the AFC East. The Jets would need a huge turnabout after losing their last two games against Pittsburgh. That’s not likely to happen. Go with Pittsburgh.

Green Bay @ New England (no odds posted)
New England will destroy Green Bay who will be without QB Aaron Rodgers. Remember, the Patriots have no conscience about running up the score when they dominate another team. Green Bay’s post season hopes could die in Massachusetts.

Atlanta (-6) @ Seattle
No threat to Atlanta who are increasingly looking like the NFC’s top team.

Denver @ Oakland (-6.5)
Oakland needs this win to keep its hopes at winning the AFC west alive. Against the disassembled Broncos, that should be a challenge they can meet.

Chicago @ Minnesota (no odds posted)
Chicago should keep its playoff status healthy as the Minnesota Vikings have completely fallen apart in the 2nd half of the season. The Vikings will use the University of Minnesota’s stadium as their home field.

Detroit @ Tampa Bay (-5.5)
Tampa will keep its slight playoff hopes alive by whacking the Lions.

The following games have no impact on the post season:

Washington @ Dallas (-6)
Washington will get slaughtered and fall to being tied for last place in the AFC East. The Burgundy and Gold’s upper management simply doesn’t have a clue how to build an NFL franchise. Head coach, Michal Shanahan has been totally ineffective bringing the team together. Once the model for organizational stability, the Redskins are in freefall with no signs of reversing the mess any time soon.

Arizona @ Carolina (-2.5)
Can anyone believe these two teams played in the NFC championship recently? Somebody’s got to win. Home cooking and no cross country travel give this to the Panthers.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-1.5)
Here’s a tough pick between two awful teams from Ohio. It’s Cleveland’s young, unfocused talent against a bunch of undisciplined surly vets with Cincinnati. We’ll give Cleveland the edge in the battle for the Buckeye State.

Buffalo @ Miami (-5.5)
Miami will look like a playoff team they could have been in this one.

Houston @ Tennessee (-1.5)
Houston looked brilliant wearing the Baltimore defense into chaos Monday night, but they cannot generate much on offense. We’ll give Houston the ever so slight lead.

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