Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More than 50% of Washington Area Kids Live in Single Parent Homes: The Washington DC Bastards You Don't Hear About

Is it any wonder that the city that invented the welfare state and used the Federal Government as a tool to systematically destroy morality and family unity should be cited for an incredibly high incidence of out of wedlock children living in single parent homes. Washington DC, particularly the eastern part of the city and Maryland's Prince George's County, particularly inside the Beltway in the shadows of Fedex Field are the areas most affected not to mention being just a short distance from Baltimore which faces similiar problems. For an area that was quick to roll out the welfare state, the result is the breakdown of society where no prevailing moral authority exists and public schools serve as enablers rather than helping to raise young people to develop responsible values and to prepare for a life of responsible living. Despite having a dynamic and assertive school system leader who was promptly fired when a new mayor took office, DC schools are among the nation's worst. Prince Georges County is not much better. The school climate with teachers incapable of purposeful instruction, disasterous test results, and dreadful discipline function hand-in-hand with dysfunctional homes to create generations reproducing generations of citizens with very low expectations for life likely to be recipients of government handouts. Between the roll of social policies, inferior schools, and no true family unit, the results are pure chaos where children are born with two strikes against them. Nothing in the the roll of public institurions truly are designed to elevate citizens out of their dependency but instead function to lock them into a system where the threat of losing their benefits makes them predisposed to support the politicians who claim to support them but in truth support the very measures that will ensure generations of losers to come.

Until we insist on demonstrating behavior has consquences and certain decisions are wrong, nothing will happen. As long as schools promote values of wishy-washy political correctness that avoid addressing irresposible choices at all costs, nothing good will happen.

The answers are hard to come by but demonstrating that good choices have good consequences would be a good place to start. No welfare benefits should be granted without certain stipulations and responsibilities having to be met. Schools must stop making excuses for dystunctional homes, realize this is from where their students come, and develop educational programs and teaching strategies that will get these kids doing well in school and assimulating positive values.

In an area where big intrusive government is the prevailing industry, it's little wonder that the worst results of such government would be so obvious in the area where such nonsense is legislated into being.

We must make our government rsponsible that it ensures no child is doomed to a life of misery and perpetuating such misery to the next generation.  We cannot afford maintaining such an immoral status quo.

For more information, here's data from the Washington Examiner:

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