Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Student Expelled in North Carolina Victim of Idiotic Zero Tolerance Discipline

Dangerous Weapons????

Any parent whose child attends a school that boasts of a zero tolerance discipline policy should be scared, VERY SCARED, what could happen to his or her children as there is no rhyme or reason, only bureaucratic intolerance guiding how school rules are administered in today's politically correct, morally bankrupt public schools. Terrorist suspects are accorded far more legal protection and due process than honors students through out the nation.

Here's the latest. A girl in North Carolina grabbed her father's lunch box by mistake. In in was a small pairing knife. The school decided to subject students to search for drug possession -- what happened to the presuption of innocense and 4th amendment rights for the crime of being a good student.

For more details, here's a link to the report from the local Raleigh-Durham TV station, WRAL-TV:

Local superintendent indicated such procedures are aimed at what's good for the students stating, "Bottom line is we want to ensure every student feels safe on campus."

Oh really, when a kid makes a minor, very undertandable mistake the kid is subject to being treated like a criminal, THAT'S FASCISM.  The outcome would surely be making kids paranoid.

It's time that we as the taxpayers who support these public institutions for their cruel, insensitive behavior toward the next generation of America. We must show them the same kind of zero tolerance for their incredibly stupid conduct they show our kids.

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