Thursday, December 9, 2010

Republican Jew-Bashing in Texas Legislature???

How to destroy a political party, in 2010 show an anti-semetic political stance in selecting a legislative leader. Is this what's happening in Texas in attempts by the Republican leadership in the Texas legislature appearing to insist on a "Christian" leader over incumbent Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus"

If Mr. Straus is not suitable based on where he stands on key Republican issues, that's one thing, but there is no reading through what's going on here and not see the taint of reactionary Christian sentiment that colors the whole decision making process in this matter.

Clearly, as news reports suggest, way too much attention has been drawn to the notion that Joe Straus is Jewish and that the Speaker of the Texas House should be Christian.

Somehow when one readings between the lines, one can't help but here the whispers of, "they killed our Lord and Savior" nonsense echoing in the background. There is no carrying on intelligent convrsation with such people. While they are not the Christian Equivalent of Islamic Jihad as many secular extremists suggest, such conduct speaks very poorly for a very small faction of traditional fundementalists.

While there is a general lack of morality in today's political world and the need to advocate moral behavior through out society, when it becomes self-described Christians putting the hammer down on Jews, such conduct is intolerable.

What can be done to clarify this Texas matter so that the spector of anti-Semeticism is eliminated from the decision making process?


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