Thursday, December 30, 2010

Delaware Dullard Subject to Charges?

Well, we can rest assured Christine "I Am Not a Witch, I'm You" O'Donnell wasn't the stupidest candidate running for Senate -- surely South Carolina Democrat, Alvin Greene was, but as Sarah Palin's Delaware "mini-me" she cost the Republican party a rare shot for a Senator from the state and provided lots of juicy material to debase tea party followers and her party. As a candidate who reacted to many of the complaints that demonstrated she was unfit for office such as defaulting on her mortgage and legal and financial problems who'd just blow them off as she faced the same kind of problems most people face during difficult times, it should surprise no one that getting involved in a pursuit as closely watched and full of specific requirements, she'd become entangled in troubles from how she conducted her campaign.

Federal agents and prosecutors are investigating her use of campaign funds. Prosecutors are determining to what extent she used campaign money for personal expenses.

For her sake, let's hope her lawyers tell her to keep quiet and make no comments on this matter. It takes little imagination to see how she'll attempt to defend herself in public attempting to argue that the Obama administration is out to get her. They're going after her because they don't like her positions and want to shut her up. It's a very predictable script for someone so bankrupt of any positive attributes.

In truth, it would be more beneficial for the administration to encourage her to keep talking. With critics like her, the path is quite rosy for anyone she would direct her negative attention toward. Let's wait and see if Sarah Palin rushes in to give her old endorsed more lip service.

Put this in perspective and realize Christine O'Donnell's success is directly related to Sarah Palin's strong support. We must see this as one concrete example why the Republican Party and Tea Party must unload the Wasilla Wench immediately before the 2012 Presidential race heats up.

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