Saturday, September 20, 2008

The World Doesn't Have Time To Blink As Far As Russia Is Concerned

Right Now Is No Time To Ignore EXTREMELY DANGEROUS THINGS Are Rapidly Advancing Overseas

Any pretense of "friendship" between the United States and Russia at this stage of the post Soviet Union world is illusionary at best. The Georgia Crisis was a flagrant attempt by the Russian Government to test Western resolve on its support of fledgling democracies that were once captive entities of the Soviet empire.

More troubling are some actions Russia is involved with outside the bounds of the old Soviet Union. First, and RMF should have made an issue of this but will monitor, are the military games Russia intends to carry out with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. While much is made of Sarah Palin's inability to articulate what the media fabricated "Bush Doctrine" is, Russia's incursion into our hemisphere violates the most famous Presidential doctrine of all, "The Monroe Doctrine." Could it be Hugo Chavez is posturing his country to be for Russia in the 21st century what Castro had established as Cuba's roll for the Soviet Union in the late 20th Century?

Still far more dangerous, perhaps the single most dangerous issue in world events today is the probability of a nuclear-armed Iran. Given that the Iranian government is essentially one ruled by Islamic terrorists and the long list of statements of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad concerning the destruction of Isreal and even the United States and the West in general and the documented activities of Iranian scientists, how can any reasonable world leader not take this threat very seriously? Even the old Soviet Union was careful to keep the "Nuclear Club" limited.

That Russia will not join the rest of the world in doing everything possible to keep the absolute most dangerous technology out of the hands of Islamic extremists illustrates just how dangerous Putin and Medvedev are.

To what end? How does a nuclear armed Iran bordering Russia Caspian Sea region benefit the nation at all? Is Russia so desperate for quick economic gain it will gamble the world's future for the quick fix of money for its nuclear technologies? Is this a political move to show its defiance to the rest of the World?

Regardless, with all the other things our government must deal with without pause, every move Russia makes outside its boundaries has to be carefully watched for the potential danger it could represent.

Within the last two months, the Russian army invaded an independent nation, has planned war games in our backyard, and is helping Iran join the list of nuclear armed nations against the backdrop of using its energy resources to commit economic blackmail against Europe.

Political observers are found of saying, "If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a duck." It doesn't take a quack to understand Russia is behaving like a first rate adversary not a friend in 2008. The reality that the rising Russian threat melding with the longstanding Iranian threat developing right before our eyes is terror in its grandest scale as the possibility of the nuclear warfare and the slaughter of millions could be just around the corner.

Does anyone for a moment think Mahmood Arhmadinejad understands "strategic deterents?" In a world where life means little and martyrdom (suicide for the sake of genocide) reigns supreme, this is the true ultimate nightmare scenario.

Every American must come to terms with this. It's not an "over there" issue any longer as if it ever truly was. If this issue doesn't scream for the necessity to elect John McCain over Barack Obama, what else does?

The economic discomfort we suffer now is nothing compared to the threat of Islamic nuclear power. Take a look at what a category two hurricane did to Houston and realize that's little more than a window washing compared to what just one nuclear bomb could do to an American city or one of our allies.

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