Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a Crazy World Out There: Living Proof!!!

Some Proof The World’s Gone Mad From The Drudge Report

Here’s some articles RMF found while looking through the Drudge Report recently. If these aren’t proof we live in a crazy world, good grief, what does? We start off with two left wingnuts. Then examine the perils of eating meat or other animal products. Of course RMF encourages all responsible readers to join our chapter of PETA. People Enjoy Tasty Animals!!!!

Al Gore urges “civil disobedience” at coal plant construction.

Bette Midler’s plan to save the planet.

Hot dogs cause evacuation at Philadelphia stadium:

Then there’s always those nutcases at PETA. They have some ideas that would make your Cherry Garcia real yum yum.

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