Friday, September 12, 2008

On What Legs Does Obama Stand?

Those of a Knock-Kneed Communist. Don't Believe It? Read On....

Do you listen to Barack Obama or just let the media paint your picture of the man? This race has been going on long enough that we know for certain Obama’s accomplishments to qualify him in any measure to be President do not exist. They do not exist. There are none. Deal with it! We know his background consists of two primary influences: extreme radicals steeped in 60’s radicalism and “Liberation Theology,” and the Richard Daley led corrupt and abusive political machine. We should also see that Obama’s knowledge base to support his positions is likewise quite flimsy. Listen to Obama state his positions or answer questions in interviews. Obama does not rattle off carefully documented facts and figures. He does not reflect on historical precedence. He really doesn’t show much of anything that serves as the source of any of his notions. What Obama does consistently say are things like, “Well it’s always been my position.” “I’ve said many times before.” “I think………”

Got it? If Barack "The Great One" says it, it must be so. If Obama speaketh, his words are beyond reproach, analysis, or criticism. Whoa be unto he who dares challenge “the Great One” however. To disagree with Obama is to be clouded by bitterness brought on by those poor souls who cling to their guns and religion. They could also be people who have a problem with him because he doesn’t look like “those presidents on the dollar bills.” To support alternative notions to his notions is to be sympathetic to corporate greed, the big oil companies, and those horrible rich people which he defines as people making more than $250,000 a year.

It’s classic Marxist class struggle nonsense prettied up for today’s media market. The United States is a fluid culture where generation to generation people move from one class to another – generally up not down. There are no clear walls of distinction between working and middle class. In fact, many blue collar jobs pay better than professional jobs – not just teachers, nurses, and public safety professionals but also white collar jobs across many occupations. With a little entrepreneurial wisdom, working class citizens become millionaires starting a business or exploiting a new idea.

Obama’s “pledge” not to raise taxes on middle class citizens rings hollow. What would slapping taxes on “excess” corporate profits accomplish for instance? The revenue seized by the government from corporate America has to be made up for by those companies in some measure. Companies can raise prices, reduce its workforce, or move more operations overseas where they are not subject to U.S. taxes. In any case, who pays for it? The American public!

At the heart of Obama’s view of society is that wealth is largely ill-begotten that the wealthy have amassed their fortune at the expense not to the benefit of those folks the Democrats love to call “working people.” Government’s job is to promote some kind of ideological social justice providing the big cookie jar of goodies for all those who feel they are entitled to some benefit they cannot easily obtain on their own within the limits of their income. For instance, if a family can’t afford college, it’s the government to give them money to afford it. Naturally, it’s perfectly okay for people like Mrs. Obama to become a millionaire as a lawyer. After all, their wealth is just compensation for seeking justice representing some aggrieved party against some agent who has exploited, abused, or victimized by evil forces in society who either have the means to pay or should be forced to pay. That's the foundation of the litigious society the Obamas' represent.
The United States is a society based on personal responsibility and freedom not one where from each the government extracts from its citizens according to their perceived ability to pay and redistributes according to its rulers perception of citizens’ needs. The notion of freedom is the very foundation on which this country was founded in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated into a structure for government in the U.S. Constitution. We granted certain inalienable rights by our Creator and thus are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There are no stipulations that the citizens are entitled to any level of standard of living or that a person is not entitled to the wealth he or she is able to produce. Looking to the earliest events of the American Revolution, the first acts of rebellion, the famous “Boston Tea Party,” were largely due to excessive taxation – taxation without representation. The alternate view supported by the Obama movement is explicitly un-American as it is implicitly Marxist.

Let Obama whine all he likes about people questioning his love of America and his patriotism. It is not the voter’s obligation to give a damn what Barack Obama’s personal feelings are. His feelings are best represented by his actions. Preaching the mantra of “change” means one thing if it’s to weed out corruption and systems that don’t work to support the vision of the United States Constitution but if “change” is based on the perception that there is something fundamentally wrong with how American society is structured is something entirely different. One vision is American democracy. The other is, let’s be straight forward and perfectly honest with no euphemisms or spin, Communism. To chip away at the free enterprise system and let the government decide who gets what isn’t the United States of America as we’ve known and loved it; it’s an Obama-Nation.

Once more, let's set the record straight, Barack Obama is a delusional opportunist, grotesquely self-infatuated, incapable of accepting criticism, steeped in Marxist ideology, a true sophist, whose rhetorical skills are dedicated to divisive demagoguery in its most hideous form. His very presence as a Presidential candidate cheapens the American presidency to where the election has been reduced to a pop culture extravaganza. Just as disgraceful, what should be a cause for tremendous historic achievement, his nomination as the first non-white candidate, that a bi-racial American considered a Black man by the population has been absolutely cheapened to be hardly more than a vanity issue for a truly repugnant human being who has no lineage to the African-American population, the descendants of slavery who've fought for generations to gain parity with their white counterparts only to have their spot in history seized by the son of a Kenyan immigrant and white Kansas mother giving him no place in the historical struggle of a once outwardly racist society. There is nothing heroic about Obama's pursuit. His story is one of a maniacal egotist hooked on the powerful narcotic of self, yet another extreme example of the "Me" generation at its ugliest. Pay not one ounce of attention to any Obama claims to religion or his faith. His negative influences such as Jeremiah Wright, the hate spewing anti-White misogynistic and Michael Flagger are well-known. If there are positive influences, members of the church, or spirirual influences, who are they? Marxism and radical activists accept their ends justify their means. If cloaking one's message in the Word of God, so be it. Talk the Christian talk, but walk the socialist walk. A survey of Obama's political positions shows him consistently aligned with the most blantant form of secular humanism.

God bless America. God damn Obama-Nation.

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