Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NO EXCUSES: Josh Howard

Look for this guy in the “Losers” list at the end of the month. When does the public finally have its fill of mouthy entertainers and hold them accountable for their stupidity? In July during a celebrity football game, Mr. Howard said the following caught on tape during the “National Anthem,” "Star-Spangled Banner going on right now, I don't even celebrate that (expletive). I'm black." Given Howard plays for the Dallas Mavericks owned by Mark Cuban, that same Mark Cuban who funded profoundly “Hate America” movie, Redacted, it’s no surprise that no disciplinary action or reprimand was issued.

It’s very sad for the Wake Forest’s and the ACC’s legacy that this waste of talent is associated with their program. Given Howard received all kinds of special accommodations even to get into a quality basketball program to begin with is disgraceful enough.

Only in America could a low life scum who openly brags about smoking reefer get all the lucky breaks and be given so much to become a millionaire playing the game of basketball, and for him to turn around and show total contempt for the society that made it possible for him shows the kind of common jerk he is.

Repent, you sorry man. Mark Cuban is ready for a rant on another day.

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