Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Hot in Crab Town? The Ravens!!!!

The Baltimore Ravens are the hottest thing in town, but when we're experiencing the coldest weather in recent memory, that makes the triumph all the better! While we cozy around our televisions next Sunday, the long range forecast calls for mostly sunny weather in Foxboro with a high temperature of only 21 degrees and a low of 14. Don't even ask for what the windchill could be. The conventional wisdom is that should favor the running game and mess up the kicking and passing game as if New England's passing game isn't already comprised with Wes Welker out for the post season.
No team can say, "been there, done that" in the post season like New England can. The Ravens have a formidable opponent to be sure. But the 2009 Patriots have not been the dynastic team of seasons past. They can be humbled.
The Ravens must avoid making mistakes. Penalties have been an Achilles' heal for the purple pounders and one seldom hears the name Frank Walker during a broadcast unless he's in the middle of a disaster.
The Ravens must play solid defense and turn things over to largely the talents of Ray Rice and Willis MaGahee to advance to round two.
Ravens fans must have hope that a trip to Foxboro this January is anything but mission impossible.

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