Friday, January 22, 2010

Glenn Beck -- When, Please Tell Us When His 15 Minutes Are Up!!!

Well, Glenn Beck got off his frothing and foaming about the communists, socialists, and progressives goosestepping into Washington with the headless horsemen and black helicopters flying overhead to trash Scott Brown's dramatic victory in Massachusetts. Not willing to talk about the specifics of real timely issues or the significance of blocking the real threats before us not the bogey man fantasies he loves raving about, he went into one of his goof ball rants with Brown as his target. Apparently, Brown's humor irked the emotionally unstable talk show host.
While many of us are not surprised that many people surrounding the Obama administration are steeped in socialism and have had close associations with dangerous radicals, what's more important is how these figures are getting their hands on the tools of government to really screw things up. One major check against them is the Republican Party who scored a huge victory.
The end result is the Obama government takeover of health care has been dealt a very lethal blow. It's time for Beck to grow up and face the issues. His rants and raves, smirkish routines, and name calling only gives Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all their followers a good easily identified whipping post who they attempt to equate as the spokesman for those who disagree with them.

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