Thursday, January 7, 2010

NCAA '09: The BCS National Championship

No there wasn't a playoff system, but be honest, find two teams more deserving than Alabama and Texas to be playing for the big bannana tonight. Both teams faced stiff competion in strong conferences and played undefeated. What could be a better test of worthiness than Alabama defeating Florida in the SEC Championship game to win their spot?

Las Vegas gives 'Bama a four point advantage and we agree. Between a well-balanced offense lead by the running attack of Heismann Trophy winner, Mark Ingram and a killer defense, the Crimson Tide has more resources to dominate this game. Not that Texas with college football's best quarterback in Colt McCoy won't have plenty of weapons to make this a tightly contested game.

Given the matchups, the game should be tight through the first three quarters, but watch for Texas to show signs of wear in the final quarter as Alabama will nail down its victory.

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