Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Joins Fox News: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Fox News hired Sarah Palin as a “commentator.” So who wins? First Sarah Palin does because she gets a steady megaphone to blab away with her folksy down homey style shallow populism and appeals for pity that the whole world is picking on her. Fox News probably wins as she has quite a following many of whom would fit Fox’s demographics. Finally, the left wing elites win big time as they will have a raft of material to slap around their favorite whipping post. Chris Mathews, for one already sounds giddy with delight.

The big losers: intelligent political discussion and perhaps ultimately the Republican party and all those who see the urgent necessity to oust the Democratic party, the Obama administration, a Senate led by Harry Reid, and House led by Nancy Pelosi.

The elitist alliance on college campuses, in the news media, and among self-described “progressive” politicians will seize upon the Palin/Fox connection to trivialize both of them showing that the network is explicitly biased while constantly demonstrating their perceptions of Palin’s intellectual limitations.

Sarah Palin has a golden opportunity to reach a broad audience and the resources to grown intellectually and to enrich her knowledge base. We’ll see how well she meets the challenge. Our prejudice is she simply doesn’t have the intellectual endowment to handle big things. She must stop something at once, her constant whining about who is picking on her. Instead, she must identify their arguments, counter them with sensible thoughts of her own, and knock them out of the ring by being the grown-up in the room. This is a quality she has never demonstrated.

We must realize that Palin has powerful critics who are not part of the elitist alliance including some of the McCain staff who worked directly with her.

With this new position, Sarah Palin has the chance to prove us wrong. For the sake of America’s future, we hope so.

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