Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry, You're a Beast!!!

We couldn't help invoking a quote from a good old Frank Zappa tune for one of our favorite whipping posts in DC, the not-so-honorable Senator Harry Reid!!!
What has our country come to when a rube like Harry Reid has such a prominent leadership position?

Our Senate majority leader commented that Barack Obama could be a successful candidate to be the nation’s first black president because he is “light skinned” and doesn’t speak with a “negro dialect.”


First, imagine had a Republican or any of Reid’s adversaries said anything remotely as out of sorts as this. He’d be jumping on that person like a cheap trampoline in the most sanctimonious doctrinaire terms enforcing the highest standards of political correctness.

Now the table is turned and Harry the Horrible is busted. It’s not like this is the first time his stupid mouth has uttered profoundly moronic things, but when they’re directed at Republicans and citizens who don’t follow the left wing agenda, they just don’t get that much play in the lapdog news media.

It is of little wonder Harry Reid is running far behind potential opponents in Nevada polls for the 2010 senatorial election. Nevadans don’t care he’s Senate Majority leader just as South Dakota voters could have cared less about Tom Daschle’s status when he held that post. These guys come to Washington and follow the loony left agenda and divorce themselves from the real interests of their voters. Ultimately, the voters in Nevada will give Reid his just rewards.

In the meantime, there will be many calling for his resignation. Many of equally detestable heritage will moralize over Reid’s idiotic remarks.

The longer he remains in front of the cameras for the Democrats, the better the outcome for the GOP.

Meanwhile, doesn’t he look badly in need of a laxative?

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