Monday, August 9, 2010

Same Sex Marriage -- The Big Question

The voters in California had spoken amending their state Constitution to ban same-sex marriages. 52% of the California voters supported Proposition 8, the Defense of Marriage amendment. This week, the measure was struck down by the first level of the Federal Judiciary. Judge Vaughan Walker, an openly homosexual judge, issued a 137 page ruling nulifying the law based primarily on the Federal Consitition's "equal protection under the law" provision.

The measure will now go on the the 9th District Court of Appeals, the most Liberal court in the nation's appeal system, and finally the Supreme Court itself will make the ultimate decision. Right now, the Supreme Court might appear slightly inclined to support the measure, but it will ultimately depend on what they determine the decisive grounds are.

While this writer has mixed feelings about this issue, more and more, one question becomes inescapable.  If the government were to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples, how would it impact this writer's life?  The answer is probably not at all. For all those who fervently oppose Same Sex marriage, be honest. How will same sex marriage affect your life?

Right Minded Fellow has long maintained what adults do behind closed doors in their private lives is nobody else's business. A state license might be a little more than that, but probably just a little. Why should it be anybody else's business what two people seek to do on their own? How would such behavior be intrusive in any way?

There surely are verses from The Bible that seem to argue clearly homosexuality is forbidden, but there are many things the Bible does not condone that are legal.  From strictly a matter of law, on what Constitutional basis can a law against same-sex marriage stand?

Only if both houses of Congress and 3/4's of the states vote by 3/4's margins could a Constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage be approved. That won't happen.

Whether the tide has turned in 2010 or not, same-sex marriage will be legal through out the United States sooner or later.

How does society benefit from continuing to fight what appears to be the inevitable?

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