Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Message to Sarah Palin, the Wasilla Wench, STAY OUT OF MARYLAND!!!

If anyone with the slightest amount of political sense needs to be convinced Sarah Palin is a total idiot, here’s proof positive. The Maryland gubernatorial race has been a tight two-way battle between Democratic incumbent governor, Martin O’Malley, a filthy opportunistic big government, high taxes corrupt punk versus his predecessor, Republican Bob Ehrlich, the first Republican to be elected governor in Maryland since the 1960’s, though Ellen Sauerbrey probably got cheated out of the State House in the 1994 election thanks to some Baltimore City shenanigans. Maryland is one of the most securely held Democratic states in the union. Bob Ehrlich accomplished much despite tremendous opposition during his four year tenure including tax cuts; getting construction for a much needed highway in the Washington suburbs approved one that his predecessor, Paris Glendenning attempted to bury under legal restrictions such that it could never be built. Ehrlich also did much to push forward education reform in Maryland. On top of that, there are few politicians as squeaky clean and ethical as Bob Ehrlich. SO WHY THE HELL IS SARAH PALIN ENDORSING HIS PRIMARY OPPONENT, BRIAN MURPHY?

One thing is sure. Sarah Palin knows NOTHING about Maryland politics and how much trouble Martin O’Malley is causing the state. (Really, what does Sarah Palin know about anything as if there were ever a public figure of her stature so devoid of any sign of intellectual curiosity or expression.) Polls show Ehrlich and O’Malley running neck and neck but that’s with strong Republican support. What could be a greater gift to Martin O’Malley than to have the Wasilla Wench inject herself into the Maryland race?

She describes Murphy as “a commonsense conservative and a firm believer in the free market.” Well, duh! that description fits Bob Ehrlich to a tee. Bob Ehrlich is well-known in both Maryland and Washington where he served Maryland’s first congressional district from 1988 to 2002. While he has had to make some concessions realizing just how deeply entrenched Maryland is as a Democratic stronghold, he has consistently shown himself to be a rock solid, pragmatic conservative exercising tremendous fiscal responsibility. Quite frankly, it’s hard to imagine a Republican as skillful as Bob Ehrlich in such treacherous political waters.

A quick look at Brian Murphy’s campaign website shows zero political experience having worked for regional corporate giant, Constellation Energy, and involved in some community service.

There is no question Bob Ehrlich is overwhelmingly a much better choice – a rare gift to the state of Maryland.

Nevertheless, what is Sarah Palin if not good at stirring up chaos and creating a feeding frenzy with the news media with her every move? She is notorious for overstepping her grounds and shooting off her mouth revealing her absent intellect in the most revealing sorts of ways.

Sarah Palin continues to grab the spotlight because she’s good at stirring up chaos. Republicans and now Marylanders must recognize what a dreadful distraction she is and the sooner they hang her out to dry, the better. Let her give her cute little “mama grizzly” speeches but she’d be better off hunting for moose than stalking chaos in a state election where her involvement is not welcome.

Maryland Republicans and independents cannot allow this distraction to upset a chance to eliminate Martin O'Malley who has already demonstrated he intends to wage a filthy campaign, the likes of which Maryland has never seen. We cannot allow someone as ignorant as Sarah Palin and her rah-rah razzle-dazzle get in the way.

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