Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beck's Reasoning -- Unhinged and Unwelcome

For those not familiar with Glenn Beck’s warped thinking and treachery, here are his comments about the upcoming event he has planned for Saturday, August 28 at the Lincoln Memorial, the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous March on Washington, the occasion for his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, an event which marked a significant turning point in the nation’s support in favor of civil rights for all citizens.

Beck writes:

As Saturday approaches, it's pretty interesting to see the opposition to the 8/28 Restoring Honor event coming from the usual suspects on the left. They are dutifully organizing counter rallies and doing their best to label this a gathering of a bunch of hatemongers. Leave it to the partisan hacks of today to stand firmly in opposition to a non political event centered around 'Restoring Honor' and the values and principles that made America great in the first place.

Note: Quickly Beck seeks to take up sides – those for and against him attempting to generalize about who stands against his charade. This writer is conservative on most issues but is steadfast in his opposition to staging an event on such a significant historical anniversary for the sake of self-promotion for himself and Sarah Palin. To say it is a non-political event when Beck’s program deals primarily with political issues and that Sarah Palin is one of the most polarizing political figures in the country makes that argument a shallow lie.

But there are people opposing it, and yes that means you may hop off the bus after riding 3000 miles only to have some anti-honor stooge calling you names. And the media may even join in as they did with the tea parties. But whatever hassle you endure, it will be nothing like what the people faced on August 28, 1963. Being part of the civil rights movement back then meant risking a whole lot more than just being the object of ridicule. That’s bad enough, but it's only the first small step on the way to what eventually happened during the civil rights era: segregation, beatings, and even death were all common place. Can you imagine what was going through the minds of people as they marched through Washington on the way to the Lincoln Memorial? Cautiously moving forward, surveying the landscape to see if anyone was making a move, knowing at any moment all hell could break loose. Imagine as they listened to the speech, the excitement and hope were matched only by the fear of what would or could happen next. It wasn't unfounded - less than a month after the speech, 26 children walked into the 16th Street Church completely unaware that a timed bomb had been placed beneath the steps. The blast killed 4 young girls and wounded several others. Why was it set? Because racist bigots disagreed with desegregation in schools. Nearly half a century later, as crowds set to gather once again, the threat is the not nearly the same - but people are still risking a lot.

How shallow Beck’s understanding of August 23, 1963 is. People like Dr. King put their lives on the line every day. Beck and Palin risk nothing other than further revealing was misguided asses they are. Glenn Beck wasn’t even born on this historic day nor was Sarah Palin. Ironically, they were born one day apart, Glenn Beck was born on February 10, 1964; Palin on February 11. Their upbringing and lives provide neither one of them with any significant contact with biracial society or the issues struggled with since 1963.

Thankfully, we've come a long way since then. But one thing that remains the same is that those opposing the rally do so from a position of ignorance. They have no idea what this rally is going to be. I know that because the complete program details haven't been released yet. They are relying on the tired old partisan talking points. Those who are mocking and calling names aren't listening to, or are choosing to ignore, the actual message. It's not about bigotry or politics. It's about the content of character and merit. I hope those at the counter rallies this Saturday and others opposing this event actually listen to the words with an open mind. Who knows, maybe they'll come join us and lock arms as we celebrate the principles and values that unite every American.

The clear contradiction -- Beck choses to divide and point fingers, being petty and self surving. Doctor King sought to unite and truly understood the phrase Beck throws around like a cheap tennis ball, "the content of their character." King inspired deep spiritual thought requiring soul-searching for answers where Beck and Palin live in a fill-in-the-blank world of bumper sticker slogans.

Glenn Beck is dead wrong to argue those opposing his rally do so out of ignorance. One would hardly call Greta Van Susterain, a fellow Fox News commentator, ignorant but she has published her opposition to this staged event. Sure some will oppose this event simply because Beck is a right-wing talk show host and Palin is an outspoken member of a faction of the Republican party; however, those who understand American history (something Beck pleads his viewers should attempt to do) understand why what he and Palin are planning is so inherently offensive. Who cannot see this scheme as something that doesn’t reek of self-serving opportunism?

For a media figure hell bent on exploiting his media exposure and a politician who has a mad craving for craving an audience’s approval to satisfy some basic narcissistic impulses, choosing this particular date and site for a “restore honor” campaign cannot be seen in isolation of the bigger picture, that for those subject to the evils of racism, Beck’s plan is a wicked intrusion into a most solemn foundation of their lives as Americans.

Beck and Palin are on record as being opposed to the Islamic Center, a mosque being built in the shadows of the New York World Trade Center. Many Americans see the blatant insensitivity of something giving praise to Allah near such hallowed grounds horribly out-of-touch with reality given 2700 plus Americans died on that site when two hijacked airlines were crashed in the twin towers. The last thing the passengers on those planes heard were radical Muslims screaming all glories to Allah.

For African-Americans, a rah-rah celebration of good old heartland American values presented by a slickster like Beck, reminds them that the Americanism Beck celebrates used to be used as agents of their oppression until brave men like Martin Luther King stood up to the powers that be to change things.

Fox news is complicit in this horribly misguided plan. Whether they are sponsors of this event or not, Palin and Beck are on their payroll and as one of the nation’s most widely viewed sources of news, whether intended or not, their connection with this event and any possible negative outcomes will not escape their perceived responsibility.

No doubt, regardless of the intentions of those involved. There will be those intent on fermenting chaos Saturday. Whether plants from the left infiltrate Beck’s crowd, or others intent on creating a scene, this event is so loaded with possible sources of tremendous treachery. Few will investigate into the real sources of the trouble. Simple rumors that anyone from the Beck gang engaged in any kind of racist behavior could be used as proof positive that the tea-party movement is exactly what opponents want it to be seen as.

Beck and Palin are too ego-centered to realize when they are walking into something unwelcomed and their blindness combined with the extent to which it can create dreadful consequences supports Right Minded Fellow’s longstanding opposition to both of them as detestable figures in the national political/media scene. Beck and Palin have thrown themselves into something that is way over their heads full of their shallow sense of craving for attention with no intellect or meaningful thought to offer in return.

Write Fox news, comment on any websites supporting Beck or Palin, but make it clear as sensitive Americans, you are not supporting their dangerous publicity stunt.

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