Friday, August 20, 2010

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin: Dreadful Self-Promotion Debases Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Dream Speech

The Far-Left's Two Most Powerful Weapons:  Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin

Message to all conservatives and right minded Americans; we must condemn in no uncertain terms what talk show ratings huckster and maniacal demagogue, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, the short-term resigned governor of Alaska have planned for August 28th at the Lincoln Memorial. Glenn Beck is keeping the content of the proceedings largely secret at this point, but Sarah Palin will be a participant supposedly giving a quick presentation in support of “troops.”

There are no more detestable figures who have attached themselves to the conservative and Tea Party movement than these two people who simply cannot get enough publicity. Clearly, Sarah Palin is addicted to the allure of the spotlight and what she perceives as the adoration of her audience. Beck is a longtime media journeyman who first made his name as a morning shock jock but then saw greater fortunes in stirring up the angst of those who fear big government and increasingly feel alienated by the direction in which they perceive the country headed. Glenn Beck continuously tries to establish himself as a good guy, invoking the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and using King’s phrase “the content of one’s character” as an extension to some of his talking points.

Here’s the God honest truth. The Lincoln Memorial on August 28th belongs to African-America and those who actively participated in the Civil Rights Movement. August 28, 1963 was the date of Dr. King’s famous, “I Have a Dream,” speech which is often credited as the wakeup call to Middle America to realize the time for the racist institutions of American society to be dismantled.

Just as the Muslims behind the attempts to erect a mosque in the shadows of the ghost of the World Center Towers ghost is contemptuously insensitive to those who lost loved ones or in any way suffered on September 11, 2001, for Beck and Palin to use the Lincoln Memorial on one of the most hallowed days for African-Americans reflects the same kind of arrogance. How are African-Americans, perhaps even some who were present at the famous 1963 event, feel about seeing two of the most conspicuously uber-White people in America using their sacred shrine on their sacred day for the sake of self promotion?

The chances of this event stirring up some kind of unfortunate incident are enormous. That would serve Glenn Beck just fine as notoriety leads to great TV ratings until and unless his conduct leads to a tremendous backlash.

A disturbing facet of Glen Beck’s narrative is his constant harping on apocalyptic themes warning that some kind of judgment day is on our doorstep. He speaks of some event could be coming soon that will radically change the course of history where we will all be forced to choose once and for all where we stand on the principles he professes are important largely a mixture of his religious beliefs and sanctification of The Constitution based on his interpretation of the document.

It sure would fit his sick vision if something went horribly wrong on the 28th. The collateral damage could be enormous. Sarah Palin’s high stature in the Republican Party could disgrace the party right as it is gaining tremendous momentum to make tremendous gains in November. Are not the chances high that there will be plants from the left who will do all they can to stir things up possibly hurling racist terms that could break things wide open? The Tea Party Movement could overnight be seen as what the radical members of the press have been saying all along. The racial tension that has been unfortunately fermenting since Obama’s election and the many attempts to use the race card to silence his critics. How much worse can it get?

Speak out. Condemn Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. If you have any influence to keep folks, you know from attending, do so. We must make sure the damage this insane event could cause does not happen. It won’t be easy. In Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, we are dealing with two extremely immature, intellectually-deprived, attention-starved, self-promoting charlatans whose voices must be silenced by a tide of truth and common sense silencing their nonsense.

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