Monday, August 23, 2010

Do the Right Thing!!!

Denounce Glenn Beck's and Sarah Palin's SHAMEFUL stunt scheduled at the Lincoln Memorial this Saturday, August 28th, the 47th Anniversary of Doctor Martin Luther King's history changing "I Have a Dream" speech.

How calculating and insensitive can two opportunistic, publicity starved figures with absolutely no known history of involvement in the Civil Rights Movement and no record of accomplishment benefiting African-Americans seize upon exploiting this most sensitive and historic day for those who were a part of history being changed on that famous afternoon in 1963. For the whitest of white people to use this historic anniversary to forward their agenda (neither one of whom shows much intellectual depth or real critical thinking) is the exact kind of insensitivity the vast majority of America condemns the forces behind erecting a monument to Islam in the shadows of where the twin World Trade Center towers once stood.

Shame on Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. The conservative and tea-party movement MUST cast them aside if they intend to make serious advances on liberal/progressive power in Washington.

Just because someone has the right to do something doesn't make it right. God forbid this event will stir up the dark forces of division.

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