Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Bitch is Back: Lavish Spanish Vacation for Michelle Obama is Finally Over

The Diva Dumpling Returns to Washington

Americans would almost have to be living under a rock not to have seen first lady Michelle Obama and her daughter, Shasha, took an elegant vacation in Spain. While the White House quickly pointed out that the Obama family covered her travel expenses, they can’t hoodwink the American people into realizing how much money in logistics, support services, and the Secret Service our country spent on two members of the first family enjoying the royal life in a five star hotel. While surely the first family deserves vacations and getaways, the symbolism of this is pure arrogance.

While the left-wingers surely will bring up the alleged amount of time George W. Bush spent on “vacation,” his getaway was typically his ranch in Crawford, Texas where all his executive functions could be faithfully executed. The cost of the President staying at his own ranch was relatively low compared to some of the more exotic destinations his office could afford him. Also, after the 9/11 attack, President Bush realized that signs of living the grand life would send out the wrong message to the American people. As such, he refrained from such things as playing golf. When First Lady Laura Bush travelled internationally, it was always in support of such things as women’s rights, literacy, and attacking the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Since the Obama’s have taken power how often have we seen in the news media ever careful to attempt to enhance his image has provided us with a cavalcade of imagery of the first couple living the life of opulence – date nights in New York, serenades from Paul McCartney in the White House, “date” nights, whooping it up with sports and entertainment figures, and travel, travel, travel. Meanwhile, some reporters going the extra mile performing a little due diligence are also showing us the price tag. Granted, in terms of the overall Federal budget, it might be chump change. Symbolism means everything. The President sets the tone for the nation and helps set expectations. At a time when millions are out of work, others are facing financial hardship, and many more are waiting for the other shoe to drop as Obama’s radical agenda of Federally controlled health care, higher taxes on small business owners and entrepreneurs, seeing the First Family living footloose and fancy free on our time is at very least a vulgar display of insensitivity. It also smacks of a very aristocratic sense of entitlement which is even more insulting.

Another argument is that the First Family should be left alone in political discussions. Fair enough up to a point. Surely, a president’s children should never be thrown into the political debate unless they are old enough to enter the fray to do so at their own choosing. The First Lady is a little more problematic. Some clearly define their roll as outside the political circus – surely that was the case with Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Roslyn Carter and most first ladies before the era of feminism. Others such as Hilary Clinton and Nancy Reagan conspicuously threw themselves into the action. There can be no mistake whatsoever which option Michelle Obama has chosen. As such, her public behavior, choices, and demeanor are all fair game.

Meanwhile fashion designers worldwide are gawking at the prospects to wardrobe Michelle Obama and bloggers like Right Minded Fellow cannot resist the opportunity to run a story on her $540 Lanvin sneakers. Designers Jason Wu, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Isabel Toledo, Narciso Rodriguez, Donna Ricco and Maria Pinto, the priciest elites in the business have clamored to serve as her clothier. You’d think being from Chicago, she’d at least opt for Air Jordans which aren’t quite so pricey.

The picture of Michelle Obama might be appealing to the fashion industry but to working America, it is of one arrogant elitist bitch. Even when she takes on a cause like childhood obesity, some comes across as condescending and dictatorial. Follow her statements and speeches, one hears the constant angry liberal theme, one of American society being cruel and nasty. Listen to her speak of her background whether it was from her family origins, far from poverty or how she felt ostracized as a black female student at Princeton, she speaks the language of class envy and racial victimization. One seldom hears Ms. Obama speak in glowing or positive terms about anything. We could describe her as the “First Whiner.”

How does this all add up?

Michelle Obama is fair game. Her public behave should and must be used to a strategic advantage to help further promote the narrative of what Obama-nation is all about. Her values and behavior demonstrate clearly exactly why the Obamas’ conduct goes far beyond their policies and politics in destroying the respect and aura the White House should have as the symbol of just, fair, and strong American leadership. We have two self-absorbed elitists, a stridently radical narcissist President with an aristocratic mean-spirited bitch as his partner. We must show them for who they truly are and use it to help turn our country back in the right direction.

Not all the media has been hoodwinked by the latest Obama overindulgence. The New York Daily News ran a headline that seems to say it all, “Material girl Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette on a glitzy Spanish vacation.” http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2010/08/04/2010-08-04_material_girl_michelle_obama_is_a_modernday_marie_antoinette_on_a_glitzy_spanish.html

How glitzy, leave it to the London Telegraph to provide some details. Not only were public beaches closed should the First Lady and daughter want to take a little dip, but roads were repaved, trees and flowers planted. Marbella, Spain will never be the same.


Given the way the locals were pushed out of the way to help the foreign dignitary have all the privacy and privilege she could enjoy, it’s hard to imagine beyond the gawking class and elites, such an appearance generates good will with Washington.

Who are we to advice Michelle Obama, but it would be in her best interest to lie low and not be seen. The United States and the World is on to her. No one is well-served by public figures who act entitled to the grand life by virtual of their status.

Crank-up the old iPod, and let Elton John’s classic rip, “The Bitch is Back.”

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