Sunday, October 25, 2009

Demonizing Health Insurance Industry: Another Big Lie

Barack Obama is a serial liar. In the same order of nonsense that doctors perform unnecessary tonsil operations on children with soar throats and amputate the legs of diabetics whose legs are all right so they can make more money, Obama and his followers are likewise saying the health insurance industry's profits are way out of line. Remember, this is a cult that believes profit is a dirty word. The truth is, the industry as a whole averages only slightly over a 2% profit margin. They rank 35th overall in terms of the most profitable industries.

HealthSpring is the most profitable health insurance companay at 5.4%. That's less than Tupperware!

While some practices of health insurance companies must be reformed, the notion that they are driving up health care costs is ridiculous. They are also more flexible and responsive dealing with changes in medicine than a bureaucracy run by the Federal Government.

As we look at the blame-game used to justify government seizure of the right to private health care, it's painfully obvious most of the arguments are false or grotesquely exaggerated.

Successful health care reform will identify the key issues which need to be fixed, study them, come up with the best solutions, and solve them one by one. A massive federally controlled program will not benefit the population at large and will hurt most of us in more ways than we can possibly imagine.

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