Monday, October 26, 2009

The 2009 World Series: The Bronx Cheer versus the Fans Who Booed Santa Claus

Two teams separated by 100 miles and New Jersey, the Philadelphia Phillies play the New York Yankees for the 2009 World Series, the 105th playing of the great fall classic. This will be the New York Yankees 40th appearance in the World Series while the Phillies, last year’s champs, return for their 7th attempt. The American League has won 61 of the 104 series so far with the Yankees accounting for 26 of those wins, one out of four World Series! Their closest rival is the St. Louis Cardinals with 17 appearances and 10 wins. The Dodgers have 18 appearances but only six wins. It’s pretty nasty on the other side. Eight teams have never won a World Series and three have never made the trip at all.

The 2009 World Series should be an exciting event with two teams having relentless offensive power and tough starting pitching. We’ll highlight how the two teams compare later, but at first blush, the Yankees would appear to have a decided advantage even though the Phils beat the Yanks 2-1 in Interleague play earlier this year.

Look for the standout player to get the nickname “Mr. November!”

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