Thursday, October 1, 2009

MLB: What's Left to Be Decided

What a crazy pennant race! Just when everything seems decided and the outcomes known, some new wrinkle creeps in. In mid-September, no one would have foreseen the battle between Detroit and Minnesota for the American League Central. That became one hot race with the two teams playing four games this week. Detroit needed a split. They succeeded, and now they’d have to lose two out of three and Minnesota win their last three games for Detroit to be derailed.

Now the race in the National League West is back in play with the two contenders playing each other for the prize this weekend. Colorado is two games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Dodgers host Colorado for the final three games of the season. Colorado has been red hot during the second half the year where the Dodgers have struggled. In their last ten games, the Rockies are 7-3 while the Dodgers of 4-6.

One team will win the division; the other will be the wildcard. Everything else is decided.

The playoffs then will be:

American League
Detroit or Minnesota at New York
Boston at Los Angeles Angels

National League
Entering Friday’s play here’s where the teams stand.

Los Angeles 93-66
Philadelphia 92-67
St Louis 91-68
Colorado 91-68

Teams from the same division cannot meet in round one of the playoffs. If these standings hold:
St. Louis at Los Angeles
Colorado at Philadelphia

We know what teams will compete, but who goes where depends on this weekend’s action. If Philadelphia loses two games and St. Louis wins two, for instance, they swap places.

The confusion is what makes it fun. It will all make sense around sundown on Sunday.

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