Friday, July 18, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture: News Anchors Accompany Obama to Iraq

The anchors for the three major networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC are accompanying Barrack Obama on his trip to Iraq and Europe. This trip is being paid for by the American taxpayer as a Senate matter.

That Brian Williams, Katy Couric, and John Gibson are accompanying a Presidential candidate on a political journey is an unprecedented display of what Rush Limbaugh calls, "the drive by media's" extreme basis in favor of the inexperienced, oportunistic junior Senator from Illinois. Consider that John McCain recently toured Europe and the Middle East. He also visited Latin America. Where was the press coverage for the Republican candidate?

McCain's foreign visits drew little coverage by the major networks being reported as a minor story if covered at all. Reports show that for the month of June, Barrack Obama received almost three times the coverage on nightly news coverage during the month of June over the coverage devoted to his Republican rival.

While Obama's experience to be President is lacking across the board never having any substantial managerial experience at any level having only experience as one of representation and advocacy, no area shows his bankrupt background more than in foreign and national security affairs. As has long been said, "a picture tells a thousand words," having the major network anchor troica following Obama on his world journey like love struck suitors whose networks have already shown both an implicit and overt bias toward his Presidential ambitions will provide numerous photo ops with historic and strategic backdrops showing Obama doing what he does best, delivering a rhetoric-laden meaningless oration long on themes of hope and change shamelessly bashing the hard work and efforts of those who have been doing the heavy lifting during a very difficult time in American history supported by the news operation of the broadcast entertainment industry which specializes in creating believable illusions. Obama knows this and is taking full advantage of it. This is the tabloid and "infotainment" age. Where the lines between hard news and celebrity gossip has become blurred, where starpower replaces true political ability, the fix is in. Gibson, Couric, and Williams are willing pawns of the shameful left-wing elite news media that has now become so entrenched in advocacy journalism, all effort to report history in the making has been replaced by a cynical desire to become a part of making history.

The casualty is the American voter seeking to get accurate information about both candidates and being able to weigh the issues and make an informed decision when election day arrives. With the press all but ignoring and often criticizing John McCain's foreign travels while treating Barrack Obama's overseas excursion as a big coming out party, all objectivity, impartiality, and balance in news reporting no longer exists at ABC, CBS, and NBC.


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