Monday, July 21, 2008

GOOD GRIEF!!! You're a Good Man, John McCain (...and that might be your downfall!)

Come On, Johnny, Hit the Ball!!!

Good grief! What is it about John McCain’s campaign that increasingly resembles Charlie Brown playing baseball? How many scenarios have played out where a McCain staffer or supporter has expressed harsh words for Barrack Obama only to be scolded or ultimately dismissed by John McCain? Interestingly, the content of some of the ads, notably the one run by the North Carolina Republican Party, are rather tame compared to ones run by numerous groups working in close association with the DNC and Obama campaign. Can you say,,” boys and girls?

Much to John McCain’s credit, he is an honorable man and a true gentleman who adheres to a high standard of public conduct. Most major Republicans, despite assertions but seldom even a clipping taken out of context to the contrary are a pretty well-mannered, soft-spoken bunch. Remember during the 2000 election when George W. Bush pledged to bring “civility” to Washington? Meanwhile Al Gore would be screaming insults, spewing bad names, hollering bile and fury, veins popping out of his neck, face flush red, eyes bulging out of their sockets at the Republican nominee and his supporters to his admiring flock of Demagogue, oops, that’s Democrat faithful. In this election cycle, the anointed one, Barrack Obama, sneers and jeers, revels in sarcasms profuse with holier than though insults trading in insults but nothing of substance while proclaiming to be the candidate who has invented the new higher ground, the new post-partisan politico, and all the other feculent imaginative assertions casting him as the most noble historical figure since at very least Jesus Christ, who’s place in public discourse cannot be mentioned by the Obama breed for showing deference to the majority religion thus potentially violating the secular creed of the new left supporting the hard wall of separation between church and state.

John McCain challenged Barrack Obama to a series of “town hall” debates breaking from the sound byte driven, mainstream media manipulated, debate format that has cursed any real exchange of ideas and issues in Presidential campaigns for decades. As if guided by some quixotic dream, McCain suggested that they should travel to the debate venues, preferably some historically iconic setting, in the same airliner, walk into the assembly room together, and then begin their dialogue. Huh? What? Are you kidding? What planet is the distinguished War Veteran and Senator from Arizona speaking from? While Senator McCain is tickling Obama with a feather, Obama and his crew are beating him over the head with baseball bats and bludgeons.

John McCain is conducting his campaign as if it were a friendly pickup game of softball at a church picnic. Anyone who has followed national elections, especially the last two, knows the obvious, it’s a blood sport where failure to hit hard and counter all false assertions can have disastrous consequences. Unless John McCain wants to suffer the sorry fate of Presidential candidates like Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale, he must step up to the plate and play hardball. He’s not only playing against the Obama campaign supported by the DNC and the vicious 527’s like but also the mainstream media where ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC with hundreds of print media outlets openly promoting the Obama campaign through selective coverage, far more time and print space dedicated to Obama, and ignoring often not even covering key events in McCain’s campaign.

Like it or not, Senator McCain, it’s time to play hardball.

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